ImageProduct codeModelDescriptionNet price
WELLER - 780-3001-ESD - Hanging bracket for MG100S, WL35435WL35435780-3001-ESDHanging bracket for MG100S131,02 EUR
WELLER - T0058762810 - Connection adapter ZERO SMOG 20T, WL36165WL36165T0058762810Connection adapter ZERO SMOG 20T25,71 EUR
WL35475FT-NSExtraction nozzle for WFE 2X43,67 EUR
WL34946FT-001-0001E-clips for Weller hose1,50 EUR
WELLER - ALFA-T - Extraction funnel Easy Click 60, WL35618WL35618ALFA-TExtraction funnel Easy Click 6045,66 EUR
WELLER - FT91000033 - On-/off-switch for Zero Smog, WL37209WL37209FT91000033On-/off-switch for Zero Smog22,63 EUR
WELLER - WX HUB - Hub for Zero Smog, WL37208WL37208WX HUBHub for Zero Smog67,50 EUR
WELLER - FT91000037 - Extraction arm DN60 KIT 1 EA FN, WL40591WL40591FT91000037Extraction arm DN60 KIT 1 EA FN89,33 EUR
WELLER - FT-N - ESD extraction nozzle for WFE 2X, WL33689WL33689FT-NESD extraction nozzle for WFE 2X28,79 EUR
WELLER - FT-NL - FT-NL Sloped nozzle, WL27217WL27217FT-NLFT-NL Sloped nozzle30,77 EUR
WELLER - Z - ESD adapter for extraction arm, WL33498WL33498ZESD adapter for extraction arm40,70 EUR
WELLER - T0058735870 - Tube for DN70, WL34145WL34145T0058735870Tube for DN7054,59 EUR
WELLER - T0053631699 - Extraction hose DN40, WL34146WL34146T0053631699Extraction hose DN4083,38 EUR
WELLER - T0058762774 - End cap Easy Click 60, WL28928WL28928T0058762774End cap Easy Click 608,40 EUR
WELLER - T0058762767 - Hose connector straight, WL27172WL27172T0058762767Hose connector straight14,99 EUR
WELLER - T0058762766 - T-piece, 60 mm, WL26211WL26211T0058762766T-piece, 60 mm91,32 EUR
WELLER - T0053657499 - Shut-off valve EASY CLICK 60, WL27464WL27464T0053657499Shut-off valve EASY CLICK 60108,19 EUR
WELLER - T0058762746 - Valve WFV60A, WL30729WL30729T0058762746Valve WFV60A205,47 EUR
WELLER - T0058762750 - Adapter DN40/DN60, WL30733WL30733T0058762750Adapter DN40/DN6046,65 EUR
WELLER - T0058762772 - Double female adapter DN60, WL30726WL30726T0058762772Double female adapter DN6024,12 EUR
WELLER - T0058762755 - Double male adapter DN60, WL30727WL30727T0058762755Double male adapter DN6027,69 EUR
WELLER - T0058762769 - Intake socket 90° for WFE2/4/Z, WL30728WL30728T0058762769Intake socket 90° for WFE2/4/Z48,64 EUR
WELLER - T0053631999 - Double female adapter DN50, WL27425WL27425T0053631999Double female adapter DN5030,77 EUR
WELLER - T0053632399 - Extraction tube DN50 with female adapter, WL27419WL27419T0053632399Extraction tube DN50 with female adapter40,70 EUR
WELLER - T0053632299 - Right angle pipe DN50, WL27420WL27420T0053632299Right angle pipe DN5056,58 EUR
WELLER - T0053632199 - Branch DN50, WL27421WL27421T0053632199Branch DN5064,52 EUR
WELLER - T0053634499 - T-piece 2 x 90°, WL27475WL27475T0053634499T-piece 2 x 90°180,65 EUR
WELLER - T0053641599 - Connection element DN40-50, WL28403WL28403T0053641599Connection element DN40-5010,62 EUR
WELLER - T0058762768 - Hose connection DN60, WL30724WL30724T0058762768Hose connection DN6013,90 EUR
WELLER - T0058762753 - Hose connection adapter, WL30732WL30732T0058762753Hose connection adapter6,15 EUR
WELLER - T0058762771 - Adapter DN75, WL27487WL27487T0058762771Adapter DN7567,50 EUR
WELLER - T0053632499 - End seal cap DN50, WL27422WL27422T0053632499End seal cap DN503,37 EUR
WELLER - T0053641400 - Extraction hose DN40, WL28404WL28404T0053641400Extraction hose DN4041,69 EUR
WL30722T0058762036Extraction hose DN60/running metre13,30 EUR
WL20774T0058735327Extraction hose NW50, sold by the metre14,89 EUR
WL24240T0058735313Extraction hose NW75, sold by the metre41,69 EUR
WELLER - T0058735879 - Hose clamp, WL24210WL24210T0058735879Hose clamp6,25 EUR
WELLER - T0053632999 - Pipe clamp DN50, WL27423WL27423T0053632999Pipe clamp DN503,37 EUR
WELLER - T0053657599 - ESD table mounting set, WL30130WL30130T0053657599ESD table mounting set19,06 EUR
WELLER - T0058735909 - Remote control for WFE-2S, WL24209WL24209T0058735909Remote control for WFE-2S221,35 EUR
WL30719700-3057Remote control for WFE-2S267,01 EUR
WELLER - T0058762724 - Adapter for remote control, WL29063WL29063T0058762724Adapter for remote control21,54 EUR
WELLER - ALFA - Alfa funnel nozzle, WL30718WL30718ALFAAlfa funnel nozzle42,68 EUR
WELLER - 700-3040-ESD - Extraction hose, 1 m, WL27448WL27448700-3040-ESDExtraction hose, 1 m35,73 EUR
WL31716700-3041-ESDExtraction hose, 2 m58,56 EUR
WL27461700-3051-ESDExtraction hose, 3 m70,47 EUR
WL30721700-3053-ESDExtraction hose, 5 m118,12 EUR
WELLER - T0058735847 - Hose connection NW50, WL22092WL22092T0058735847Hose connection NW5025,41 EUR
WELLER - T0058735833 - Hose connection 75, 90°, WL24239WL24239T0058735833Hose connection 75, 90°41,69 EUR
WELLER - T0058762765 - Shut-off valve WFV60, WL30730WL30730T0058762765Shut-off valve WFV6082,39 EUR
WELLER - T0058762808 - Throttle valve for WFV60/A, WL30731WL30731T0058762808Throttle valve for WFV60/A13,90 EUR
WELLER - FT-3417 - Additional joint for Easy Click 60, WL35215WL35215FT-3417Additional joint for Easy Click 60137,97 EUR