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Modular robotics complete solutions for customized automation solutions tailored to your production requirements

Reaching the next level of production with customized automation solutions based on flexible modular robotic cells. Through individual robot solutions and with the help of flexible modular robot cells, our experts will develop a tailor-made concept for a complete robotics solution in close cooperation on your requirements.

Does the application of a complete solution with modular robot cells fit my application at all? Whether you are setting up a new production process or integrating an automated robotics solution into your existing production line - we have the ideal solution for you. Benefit from the enormous flexibility of mobile modular robot cells now thanks to plug & play and intuitive drag & drop programming.

Modular robotics solutions from Weidinger

Flexible and customizable: Modular robotic cells can be integrated fast and easy into both new and existing production lines without affecting ongoing processes.

Open modular robot cells for collaborative applications

The open model of the modular robot cells offers the possibility of human-machine interaction. In this case, the main aspect is the collaboration between the employee and the cobot. In addition, the modular robot cells can be used in a wide range of applications and stand for flexibility and reliability.

Contained modular robot cells for autonomous processes

Contained modular robot cells can handle entire processes or can be integrated into production lines for the execution of sub-processes. Flexibility due to the compact design is combined with safety in various fields of application, such as soldering processes at high temperatures.


Weidinger robotics robotics complete solutions are customizable and flexible thanks to the modular design of the robot cells. This not only applies to newly created automated production areas - modular robot cells can also be integrated into existing production lines without affecting or restructuring the existing process flow.

Various set-up options are available depending on the area of application and place of implementation:

Contained modular robot cells are ideal for handling complete processes without the necessity of human intervention. For instance, this applies to the execution of soldering processes. Combined with, for example, an autonomous transport unit, a complete process can be fully automated.

Open modular robot cells equipped with Techman cobots are predestined for human-machine interactions. Processes can be carried out in immediate collaboration with the robot of the modular robot cells. The safety of your employees is guaranteed by the cobot's integrated safety features, which detect contacts to stop the robot immediately. An example for an open modular system is a pick & place application.

Together with our robotics experts, you will find the right plug & play accessories for your application.

Application area: Soldering

Application area: Screwdriving

Application area: Dispensing

Application area: Pick & Place

Which is the appropriate robot configuration for my production facility?

Based on the example of a pick & place application, various possibilities for sorting components can be demonstrated. On the one hand, the intelligent camera-based control of the entire process is shown. The autonomously executed (partial) processes are based on predefined patterns, such as color recognition or grid-based sorting of individual components into the next free area. On the other hand, it is also possible to define the process to be executed autonomously by means of start and target coordinates. In this case, the robot application follows the parameters defined in advance.

Intelligent control: color recognition via integrated camera for autonomous pick & place applications

Smart automation: Camera-based pick & place application with intelligent TM cobots

Precise and fast: coordinate-based and fully automated pick & place application

About Weidinger robotics complete solutions and Techman Robot

Would you like to learn more about modular robot cells and individual robotics complete solutions for your production? Our experts will be glad to answer your questions about robotics and automation, and how to integrate an automated robotics solution into your production fast and without complications. Contact us directly via our robotics contact form - our experts will get back to you as soon as possible. We are looking forward to your inquiry.

More information and details about robotics and automation as well as about the different Techman models including the matching plug & play accessories as well as the user-friendly drag & drop programming software TMflow can be found on our Techman Robot brand page.