Ultrasonic baths and accessories


For ultrasonic baths, we rely on the quality products of Bandelin/Sonorex.
An ultrasonic bath is an electrical device used for cleaning small and complex objects. For example, PCBs, safety glasses and visors can be cleaned with an ultrasonic bath. But of course, the professional ultrasonic cleaning units are also used in medicine, in the workshop area as well as in the office and home use.
You can also find in our shop the right accessories and of course the right ultrasonic cleaners - for example our topseller Tickopur R33.

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What factors must be considered when buying an ultrasonic bath?
In order to buy the right ultrasonic cleaner for your application, you need to question the following criteria:

Filling quantity:
The filling quantity describes the tank volume of your future ultrasonic bath and should accordingly be based on the size of your objects to be cleaned. Especially in the industrial sector, larger ultrasonic baths will be necessary.
The larger the bath volume, the larger the power of the cleaning device must be to ensure proper cleaning
The ultrasonic units from BANDELIN are easy to use and do not present you with any major challenges, even during assembly as well as initial installation. Since the ultrasonic bath is often used on a daily basis, simple and handy operation plays an essential role.

Cleaning PCBs
The use of ultrasonic baths from BANDELIN has proven itself especially in the cleaning of assembled printed circuit boards. The PCBs are placed in a SONOREX SUPER ultrasonic bath with the biodegradable cleaning concentrate TICKOPUR RW 77 for a few minutes at 40 °C. Dirt deposits are removed gently and in an environmentally friendly manner.
With the help of ultrasound, microscopic bubbles are created which, when they implode, gently remove dirt even from hard-to-reach places. After cleaning, drying and re-installation of the cleaned circuit board, it functions reliably again. Of course, cleaning with an ultrasonic bath significantly extends the service life of the circuit board, and also saves time and money. Ultrasonic baths in various sizes and a large range of accessories are available for a wide variety of applications.