A clean room is a room whose particle concentration in the air is as low as possible. It is therefore all the more important that special cleanroom clothing, cleaning accessories and cleaning equipment are used in this room. In this section you will find a wide range of cleanroom products from HB SCHUTZBEKLARUNG such as overalls, shoes, coats, gloves as well as cleaning cloths, cleaning sticks, mats and ESD vacuum cleaners from other manufacturers.

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A clean room is a room that has the function of keeping the particle concentration in the air as low as possible. The rapid development in research, development and production requires to an ever increasing extent that the environment is as "free" as possible from airborne particles. A limit value for the particle concentration is set, which must be strictly monitored and adhered to. Based on the measurements, a classification of the clean room (ISO 1-9) according to the ISO-14644-1 standard can be made. The classification into a class is determined by the number of particles per m3.

But why is the cleanroom so important?

Nowadays, there are more and more highly sensitive products, such as semiconductors, in the manufacture of which it is essential to provide a clean room. Otherwise the perfect quality and functionality of the products cannot be guaranteed. For this reason, the room is continuously flooded with particle-free air and only sterile items are brought into the room. Of course, this also means that production areas must be disinfected regularly.

In addition, it can happen that substances are used which pose a risk to people and the environment (e.g. when processing toxic substances). The use of cleanroom measures helps to seal off the outside world from these dangerous substances.

How is a cleanroom created?

A cleanroom can initially be constructed in many different ways. A distinction is made between hardwall (solid wall elements) and softwall (foil walls) cleanrooms - there are of course also special solutions. The design of the cleanroom depends on the respective process, which is why the complete process chain should always be considered for zero-defect production. More and more industries are converting individual process steps to cleanroom conditions, so that increased product quality is achieved at the end of the day.

For this reason, in addition to the correct design of the clean room, factors such as continuous measurements, the behaviour of employees and professional cleaning play a decisive role. In our webshop you will find a large selection of cleaning equipment, cleaning cloths and cleaning sticks that meet the cleanroom requirements and can be used without hesitation.

How should an employee behave in a clean room?

Humans in particular pose a great risk of contamination and must therefore behave accordingly in a clean room. The wearing of cleanroom clothing is a prerequisite for entering this protected zone. Therefore, there are special cleanroom shoes, cleanroom clothing, cleanroom hoods and overshoes that must be worn.

Eating and drinking is prohibited in the cleanroom, so it is advisable to provide water dispensers in the personnel sluice. If an employee is sick, he or she will be replaced by a colleague for the period of the infection. In principle, of course, only trained and as few employees as possible stay in the clean room. In addition, no personal items may be taken to the cleanroom workplace.