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Electronic components are sensitive and must be processed accordingly. We carry various component devices for axial and radial components, component counters and CAB flat cutters of the brands BURST & ZICK, EBSO, CUTBEND, COUNTY and VARIOCUT. Furthermore, you will find the appropriate accessories for all component devices, with which you can process your components automatically or manually, but in any case gently.

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Equipment for radial and axial component machining: Even though SMD technology is increasingly replacing leaded components, THT components are still an important business area. In the case of leaded component processing, a basic distinction is made between devices for radial and axial components. There are also special devices that can process ICs.

What exactly is the difference between axial and radial components?

Axial components
: Axial components are leaded components in which the electrical connection legs are located in the extension of the longitudinal axis.

Radial components: Radial components are also wired, but here the connecting pins are located in the extension of the vertical axis. To cut and bend the wires of the components to the right length for the PCB you need a suitable device, which you will surely find in our webshop. We also have the suitable accessories ready for you. In order to guarantee a gentle and exact processing of the components we rely on our long-time suppliers and partners Burst & Zick, EBSO, CUTBEND, COUNTY and VARIOCUT.

Parts counter:
In the field of component counters we rely on the Ebsomat from EBSO, as well as various devices of the County series. Depending on the device, THT, axial, radial and SMD taped components can be counted. You can choose between manually or electrically operated devices. For detailed descriptions please refer to the respective product descriptions.