Drying storage cabinets, vacuum packaging machines or convection ovens are suitable for safely storing the components and protecting them from harmful environmental influences such as moisture, dust deposits or UV radiation. In our online shop you can choose between the two brands SAFEGUARD and TOTECH.

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Components are very sensitive and react strongly to moisture, dust deposits or UV rays. To protect the components from such environmental influences and to prevent possible damage, they must be stored properly. Drying storage cabinets, vacuum packaging machines or convection ovens are suitable for this purpose.

Drying storage cabinets

Series Ghibli II

The drying storage cabinets of the series Ghibli II are very easy to operate. As soon as the cabinet is electrically connected, it automatically dries to 5 % RH. The measurement of temperature and humidity inside the cabinet is carried out by means of a mobile hygrometer (DryLogger). The data can then be viewed on the PC via the integrated data logger. The adjustable shelves (WL36277) can be used to individually adjust the height graduation. In addition, entire tray holders (WL40671) can be inserted into the Ghibli II. The Ghibli II is available in different sizes and with or without integrated heating (40°C).

Drying storage cabinets Super Dry

Series SD

The SDB series drying storage cabinets are available in three versions - with one door, with 4 and 6 doors (lockable). They generate an RH of <5% and are ESD coated so that the units do not become statically charged. The humidity is displayed by a hygrometer. Of course the SDB drying cabinets can be extended with SMD coil stands, honeycomb modules for the storage of bar material and additional shelves.

SD series
The SD series drying storage cabinets are available in many variants. The cabinets are equipped with a maintenance-free drying unit U-200 and an integrated fan. The doors can be locked and the relative humidity controlled. Temperature and humidity can be monitored via the digital display. The cabinets are also equipped with an ESD coating. A 40 degree heating is available as an option, as well as a manual or automatic nitrogen unit and a feeder holder.

XSDC series
The XSDC series of drying storage cabinets offers a special climate control, because the cabinets can also cool (10 °C below ambient temperature, accuracy +/- 2 °C). Equipped with a double-glazed front and foam insulation ensures perfect insulation. Special software is used for optimum monitoring of the real-time conditions inside the cabinet. Optional extras include pull-out drawers, a humidity alarm signal lamp, a pedal to open the door and additional removable shelves.

Vacuum packaging machine

With the help of the vacuum machines, components can be packed safely and quickly for further transport. Moisture and oxygen are sucked out of the bags in a controlled manner, creating ideal conditions for storage. In our online shop you will find vacuum packaging machines with which you can seal bags of any length (e.g. with the manual device VACULAB WL36449). The air is sucked out of the bag opening with a powerful pull. For the ESD protected zone you can use our VACUWELD vacuum packaging device (WL42609). It is made of INOX steel, the lid is made of aluminium and the wheels are conductive.

The Super-Dry packaging machines (WL29132) are also ESD compliant and are equipped with a deep-drawn vacuum chamber made of stainless steel and the sensor control Z 3000. With their double seam welding they ensure an optimal closure.

Air circulation ovens

In the field of circulating air ovens, we rely on the SAHARA (with temperature control) and SAHARA DRY (temperature and humidity control) models. The ovens can carry out the baking (drying) of printed circuit boards according to the IPC-1601 standard in a temperature range of 105 - 125 °C within 4 - 6 hours with circulating air ventilation. When baking SMD components according to the J-STD-033 standard, there are 3 defined temperatures: 40 °C, 90 °C and 125 °C. In most cases the SAHARA DRY oven is used to ensure a humidity of 5% RH. In addition, a thermal cycle can be programmed via PC in both models.