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Electrostatic charges occur when insulating materials are rubbed against or separated from each other. The resulting discharges pose a great danger for components and assemblies in electronics. To prevent damage to these sensitive components, it is important to introduce ESD protection measures in the company. Whether ESD clothing, ESD shoes, personal grounding, ESD cleaning or ESD packaging - in the area of ESD protection you will find a huge selection of branded products from ABEBA, ATLAS, SAFEGUARD, WARMBIER, HANS KOLB and FETRA, which guarantee comprehensive protection.

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What is ESD protection?

First of all, ESD is the abbreviation for "Electro Static Discharge", i.e. electrostatic discharge. According to this, ESD can cause an electrical overload on electronic components and damage them. To prevent electrostatic charges, certain ESD protection measures must be taken.

In the areas of ESD clothing, ESD shoes, ESD personal grounding, ESD workplace equipment, ESD cleaning, ESD packaging and shipping, and ESD storage and transport we offer you a wide range of products to ensure comprehensive and complete protection

Equip your workplace according to DIN EN 61340-5-10 and mark the ESD workplaces with an ESD label.

If you have not found the right ESD products in our extensive ESD Shop, please contact our sales department - by phone or e-mail. We will certainly find the right product for you!

The most common standard in the field of ESD protection is DIN EN 61340-5-1, which serves to protect electronic components against electrostatic phenomena.