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ESD shoes

ESD shoes must be worn in an EPA to ensure the dissipation of electrostatic charge - in other words, wherever charging or discharging endangers the functionality of components or devices. Shoes are designated and labelled as ESD shoes if the electrical contact resistance according to EN 61340-5-1 is in the recommended range between 7.5 x 105 and 3.5 x 107 ohms.
In our webshop you can get different types of shoes:
ESD low shoes
ESD clogs
ESD Sandals

We also have an extra category of ESD safety shoes, which are equipped with a toe protection cap and guarantee the appropriate occupational safety for the respective activity. Basically the safety shoes can be divided into various safety classes:

- Toe protection cap (steel, aluminium, plastic or titanium)
- Closed heel
- Antistatic sole
- Heel area with energy absorption capacity
- outsole hydrocarbon resistant

S1P (P for penetration):
- All criteria S1
- Penetration protection in the sole (either steel insert under the insole or solid textile layer under the insole)

- All criteria S1
- Water repellent treatment (30 minute splash test)

- All criteria S2
- Additional anti-penetration protection
- Water repellent treatment with 60-minute splash test)

- All criteria S3
- Fully enclosed and waterproof

- All criteria S4
- Additional anti-penetration protection

With our suppliers, high quality and reliability are very important to us - that is why we rely on the companies ABEBA, VITAFORM, BIRKENSTOCK, ATLAS and WARMBIER for ESD shoes.