Fume extraction


Soldering fumes, laser fumes, emulsion mist, adhesive fumes and all types of dust are pollutants that are produced in many manufacturing processes in electronics production. This is where extraction systems are used to capture, filter and extract the working air. These ensure safe and healthy working conditions for the employees. In addition to a large selection of extraction systems, devices and cabinets from ULT, BOFA, WELLER and ERSA, you will find the appropriate accessories in our online shop.

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Occupational health and safety in companies has become increasingly important in recent years - fortunately!

Production processes in electronics manufacturing, but also in the processing of common materials such as plastics, steel or textiles, are becoming more and more complicated and the pollutants produced are becoming smaller and more diverse.

It is therefore all the more important to choose the right pollutant extraction system in order to ensure optimum health protection for your employees and to protect your production facilities from contamination. Naturally, polluted air also poses a danger to the manufactured, often highly sensitive products and must therefore be avoided at all costs by suitable extraction equipment.

For this purpose, there are extraction units which can extract air at different workplaces simultaneously and can be equipped with various detection elements. In addition, various filters can be inserted into an extraction unit for the respective particles, and many other configuration options are also available.

The best thing is to ask for advice from our office staff or make an appointment with one of our field representatives.

We cover the following pollutant areas:

In the individual areas, we rely primarily on high-quality products from renowned manufacturers such as ULT AG and Bofa. Our soldering technology suppliers JBC, Weller, Ersa and Metcal also offer great solutions, especially in the area of solder fume extraction.

In addition to the right equipment, the right filters, extraction arms, detection elements and extraction cabinets are of course also very important for perfect extraction - we have also put together a large selection of these in our online shop.