Optical inspection and lighting


In our assortment you will find all kinds of optical inspection systems from renowned manufacturers such as TAGARNO, VISION Engineering, ZEISS, LEICA and O.C.WHITE. In addition to digital microscopes, video microscopes, stereo microscopes and tripods, we offer you the appropriate accessories such as lenses and objectives, ring lights, cold light sources, software, monitors as well as other lighting options for your microscopes.

In the field of lighting and magnification all well-known top manufacturers such as VISION LUXO, WALDMANN, ESCHENBACH, STARLIGHT and DAYLIGHT are available. Here, our range includes a large selection of magnifier luminaires, workplace luminaires, system lights, surface-mounted lights, magnifiers and matching accessories.

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Optical inspection systems

Like magnifying glasses and lamps, optical inspection systems are used for the quality control and assurance of electronic assemblies and other components. In our product range you will find inspection systems from such renowned manufacturers as TAGARNO, ZEISS or VISION. The combination of camera, microscope and screen enables razor-sharp imaging and at the same time guarantees good ergonomic working conditions.

Technological progress and the constantly growing demands on optical inspection equipment and lighting in production facilities, laboratories and workshops are setting new standards, that we always remain at the cutting edge of technology in this area as well. That is why we rely on innovative suppliers and only work with absolutely high-quality partners.

Companies are confronted with constant production optimization, error prevention and growing customer requirements and need the right equipment to keep up with these demands. Microscopes are needed to detect defects faster - a high depth of focus with maximum resolution is required. Ergonomic working conditions are becoming more and more important, so a large work stand is very important for sample inspection to ensure a comfortable working posture.

Networking the microscope with a PC or HD screen also ensures faster results and increases efficiency. The integration of video and photo output offers an excellent opportunity to improve the exchange of information and documentation - 3D video microscopy has already found its way into optical inspection. To enable you to fully equip your company with the latest technology, our webshop offers not only the devices themselves, but also the appropriate monitors, lenses, lenses, software and much more.

Illumination systems and magnification

Our lighting systems ensure the right view at the workplace. Here, too, we are broadly positioned in the areas listed below with top manufacturers such as WALDMANN, VISION LUXO, STARLIGHT, DAYLIGHT and ESCHENBACH and are exactly the right partner for you.

The right light is one of the biggest factors for a productive working method and is basically responsible for a pleasant atmosphere at the workplace. Not only at the desk in the office, but also in large production halls, laboratories, workshops and assembly workstations, lighting is of enormous importance. Factors such as the correct colour temperature, illuminance, light colour, colour rendering and many others must be taken into account when making a selection. It is always an advantage if the interaction of daylight and artificial light is optimally coordinated. The lighting at the workplace is therefore made up of direct and indirect lighting, in combination with the workplace luminaire and daylight. Depending on the activity, individual lighting must of course be selected. In trade and industry, for example, magnifying luminaires with different dioptres are increasingly used, so that even the smallest components can be examined in detail.

For applications where extreme brightness is required, cold light sources are preferred. These do not generate any heat and are mainly used in microscopy and endoscopy.

However, a ring light is often sufficient for incident light illumination. Some of the ring lights are divided into segments that can be switched on as required. They guarantee high contrast as well as a shadow-free and homogeneous light.

In modern lighting technology, LEDs have become indispensable, which is why the majority of devices are equipped with LED lights. Flicker-free light and a homogeneous illumination are absolutely necessary, so that the eye and accordingly the employee can work with the luminaires concentrated and without effort over a longer period of time and mostly also on a daily basis.

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