PCB processing and handling


With our wide product range of systems for PCB handling and processing, you can choose from a variety of standard modules in our online shop. We offer you the necessary material for these processes such as ridge and depaneling separators, PCB magazines or even PCB holders of the brands CAB or PIERGIACOMI.

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PCB processing with depaneling can be compared to the production and processing of labels. These are also not printed individually, but several on a large sheet and cut into individual labels in the next step. In PCB processing, this sheet is referred to as a multiple blank and contains at least two PCBs that are cut up by a depaneling machine.

The depanelling machines can be divided into two different types:

  • Depanel separators for the separation of outline milled printed circuit boards
  • Depanelizers for printed circuit boards with scored groove

For both application areas we have the suitable devices from CAB or NTM in our online shop. For a better handling of the printed circuit boards, so-called magazines are needed, which store the boards stable and safe.