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In our online shop we offer a wide range of products of the brand ELSOLD. Whether solder pastes, solder wire, bath solder, solid wire, flux, thinner, solder paste mixer as well as the appropriate accessories, on you will find all materials you need for the production of safe, soldered connections for all known soldering methods (reflow, wave, selective, automatic, hand soldering). We carry solder or solder wire in various thicknesses and designs - lead-free or leaded.

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For the production of a safe soldered connection you will find the necessary materials for all known soldering methods in our online shop. When selecting solders and soldering agents, we naturally focus on the highest quality and therefore work intensively in this area with our partner ELSOLD GmbH & Co. KG in this area. ELSOLD is a leading manufacturer of soldering products for the electrical industry and will continue to meet the growing demand for soldering products requirements of the ever smaller components and also relies on high recyclability.

In our online shop we offer a wide range of solder pastes in various designs. Solder pastes are mainly used for soldering SMD components using the reflow soldering process and are a mixture of metal powder and flux, which facilitates the melting process of the paste and encloses the components at the soldering point well. We also differentiate between lead-free and lead-containing solder pastes.

We also differentiate between lead-free and lead-containing solder wires and can be used for a wide variety of soldering requirements depending on the type of flux, thickness and alloy. Solder wire is preferred for hand and repair soldering, but also for automatic soldering robots.

In the field of bath solders you can choose between lead-free and leaded triangular bars, ingots and bars with hangers. These are all characterised by excellent flow behaviour at different temperatures and are of course available in many different alloys.

For optimum wetting of the PCBs, flux is required to reduce the oxides to metals and prevent reoxidation. A distinction is made between water-based and alcohol-based fluxes. The great advantage of water-based fluxes is that they are much more environmentally friendly and non-flammable. This makes transport easier and the handling of the fluxes for employees easier. Alcohol-based fluxes, on the other hand, must be marked as hazardous substances during transport.

The various fluxes are available from us in canisters, filled in flux pens, as paste or in small containers.