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In electronics production, soldering is one of the electrical connection techniques and is most widespread there. To be best equipped for soldering, we carry all top brands for soldering technology such as JBC, WELLER, ERSA, METCAL, OKI, THERMALTRONICS, HAKKO and PLATO in our online shop. In addition to soldering and desoldering stations, you will also find the right soldering tips, soldering irons and solder as well as the appropriate accessories and suitable spare parts for professional use.

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We are your professional partner when it comes to soldering technology equipment:

Modern soldering technology ensures a durable connection of metal parts, which is created by a metal alloy (molten solder).

In soldering technology, a distinction is made between soft soldering (< 450°C), hard soldering (> 450°C - 900°C) and high temperature soldering (> 900°C). Soft soldering is particularly important for electronics production, as the components are very sensitive and must not be heated too much. A conductive connection of conductive parts is made with the help of the molten solder, the metals are not melted in the process.

In order to be able to guarantee a perfect soldering process of even the smallest SMD components, the necessary practice and high-quality equipment is required. This applies equally to the desoldering of solder residues on assemblies or entire components from the board.

Before soldering, make sure that the soldering iron has the right temperature power and that you have chosen the right soldering tip for the process. If the temperature at the soldering tip is set too high, the component may become too hot and be damaged. You must also make sure that the soldering tip is clean. For this purpose we have a wide range of stands with integrated sponges or metal braids in our assortment, which ensure that the soldering tip is perfectly clean.

The temperature also plays an important role in the selection of the solder, as the melting points vary and the solder must therefore be adapted to the respective soldering activity. In the field of solders and solder we offer you a large selection for the most diverse applications and temperature ranges.

No matter which soldering application - in our online shop you will find a large selection of digital/analogue soldering and desoldering stations, hot air stations, soldering irons, soldering guns, desoldering irons, soldering and desoldering tips, desoldering stands as well as the appropriate accessories and spare parts from well-known manufacturers.

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