WELLER Soldering tips


Exact matching between soldering tip and heating element
Weller soldering tips are always manufactured according to the latest market requirements. The Weller soldering tip and the heating element form a single unit and thus a perfect heating system for producing high-quality solder joints.
Combining the Weller soldering tips with the right soldering iron guarantees an optimal soldering tool.
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Weller soldering tips are characterized by the following features:
- High-quality copper core, for effective heat transfer to the solder joint.
- Electroplated iron coating, determines the service life of the soldering tip
- Soldering surface pre-tinned, prevents oxidation
- Corrosion-resistant nickel coating, is the connecting layer between iron and chrome
- Special chrome coating, limits the wetting area

Why Weller soldering tips?
Perfect solder joint:
Only Weller original soldering tips guarantee a constructive heating system adapted to heat transfer and sensor technology, which enables perfect solder joints.

High cost efficiency:
Heat guarantor
Stable heat guarantor for safe soldering processes increases productivity by up to 50%.
Perfectly soldered components
Less rework due to defective solder joints or damaged tools.

Best materials
Silver is processed as an optimal heat conductor in the heating element. This guarantees optimal heat transfer.
Manufacturer warranty
Only when using Weller soldering tips, the manufacturer guarantees warranty.

How can I recognize Weller soldering tips?
Weller soldering tip and tool packaging is marked with the Genuine Weller seal of quality.
Weller soldering tips are engraved with the Weller logo. Engraved soldering tips guarantee this quality.

The optimum soldering tip technology for every application - thus maximum flexibility!
3 different soldering tip technologies:

Active-Tip Technology:
Optimum for Weller miniature soldering applications.
- Optimum heat transfer and sensor technology
- Fast, easy soldering tip change
- Optimum response time
- Extremely short heat-up time

Fast Response Technology:
- Interchangeable soldering tips at reasonable prices
- Maximum heat transfer
- Heater with optimized sensor position
- Fast response time

Silver-Line Technology:
- For universal applications
- Effective heat transfer
- Extensive range of soldering tips
- High quality heater core
- Soldering tip with low material usage (cost)