Simply worth its weight in gold: a workplace equipped with professional tools, suitable machines and powerful electrical appliances ensures good work results and increases the productivity of your employees. In our wide range of products you will find high-quality tools from renowned manufacturers such as WERA, WIHA, PIERGIACOMI, BERNSTEIN, BAHCO, IDEAL, DUMONT, C.K. and KNIPEX. There is hardly a tool - itd-suitable or not - that we do not carry: Tweezers, scissors, stripping tools, side cutters, pliers, screwdrivers, bits, mirrors - you will definitely find them here.

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Good tools allow the user to work precisely and are resistant and durable. In our wide range of products you will find high quality tools from well-known manufacturers such as WERA, WIHA, BAHCO, KNIPEX, BERNSTEIN, WEIDMÜLLER and many more. Of course we also have ESD-compatible tools that you can use without hesitation in the ESD protection zone and thus protect your components from damage.

What distinguishes high-quality tools?

With the purchase of well manufactured tools you are making a sustainable investment, as they enable smooth working without material fatigue. They should fit well in the hand, be easy to use and as light as possible. We naturally take all these criteria into account when selecting our suppliers.

Our variety of products ranges from (ESD) wire strippers, to the most diverse versions of (ESD) screwdrivers, to the finest (ESD) tweezers for PCB assembly. Especially in soldering technology, it is of utmost importance to have the right ESD tool at hand for the soldering process, as otherwise exact work is made considerably more difficult.

For the initial equipment we also have tool sets of all kinds in our assortment, which are arranged in practical tool bags or stands.

You can find the following tool ranges in our online shop: