Which ESD protection measures are necessary?

The establishment of an EPA (Electrostatic Protected Area, EPA) in which ESD-prone components can be safely handled requires a comprehensive protection concept.

The essential points for this are internal and external protection of the assemblies and organizational protective measures with which employees, visitors, suppliers and customers are actively involved.


ESD protection at the workplace

Well grounded is half won! For successful compliance with an effective ESD protection concept, it is essential to ensure that persons and workplaces are always earthed and components are protected:

Personal grounding: Since people are the main sources of electrostatic charge, wearing ESD wristbands, ESD shoes, ESD clothing and ESD gloves is particularly important.

Grounding from the workplace: Each work table or work surface should be covered with ESD material and grounded using cables and grounding terminals.

Protection of components: The ESD-sensitive components must be stored and transported in antistatic containers or on antistatic mats. Only use ESD-compatible tools.


Administrative and organisational ESD protection measures

In addition to preventing accidental charging and controlling safe discharge, it is also important that all components used comply with the latest international standards and that certain administrative measures are taken:


ESD rules of conduct

  • When sitting, wear the wrist strap and connect it.
  • Observe handling instructions for electronic components. Do not place ESDS (Electrostatic Discharge Sensitive Devices) on metallic surfaces.
  • Eating and drinking are prohibited at electronic workstations. Order and cleanliness must be observed.
  • Only suitable cleaning and care products in the EPA.
  • Report defects and missing ESD protective measures immediately to the ESD coordinator.
  • Only use containers and packaging suitable for ESD.
  • Insulating trays and rechargeable materials are prohibited in the EPA.
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