SONOREX hanging baskets for ultrasonic bath, stainless steel, 680 x 610 x 90 mm.

Article no: WL33439

Mfr. no: 8425

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During ultrasonic cleaning, the items to be cleaned must not be placed on the bottom of the tank, as the vibrations of the oscillating systems may cause abrasion between the items to be cleaned and the tank itself. The use of a suitable cleaning basket is therefore recommended. The BANDELIN cleaning baskets are designed in such a way that the material to be cleaned is always in the optimum area of the cavitation field (1-2 cm from the floor) in the tank. With the aid of a basket, the items to be cleaned can also be conveniently placed in the unit and removed for rinsing after cleaning without the user coming into contact with the cleaning or disinfecting liquid.

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Product details

item numberWL33439
manufacturer item number8425
dimensions (LxWxH)680 mm x 610 mm x 90 mm
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