Solder fume extractor, Zero Smog 4V Kit with WEHT extractor hood

Article no: WL35513

Mfr. no: FT91000024N

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The Zero Smog 4V Kit top extraction hood is suitable for applications where smoke spreads rapidly due to a draughty working environment. The hood can enclose the source so that vapors are trapped and exhausted before they contaminate the workplace. In order to ensure good extraction, an extraction unit with a minimum extraction volume of 230 m³/h must be connected to the hood.

  • Prefilter: Fine dust filter class F7
  • Compact filter: particle filter H13, broadband gas filter (50 % activated carbon / 50 % chemisorb)
  • Housing: PET, not ESD safe
  • WX compatible

Product details

item numberWL35513
manufacturer item numberFT91000024N
modelZERO-SMOG-4V kit hood
dimensions (LxWxH)860 mm x 510 mm x 460 mm
order unitset
frequency50/60 Hz
voltage230 V
vacuum max3800 Pa
noise level48 dBA
volume flow max230 m³/h