Three-arm turnstile for indoor use

Article no: WL38841

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Three arm turnstiles from Gunnebo help give your EPA a transparent and open character without losing sight of safety. Employees, for example, are given uncomplicated and quick access to the secured areas by means of a card reader, while unauthorised persons are denied access.

  • Dimensions floor-standing enclosure: enclosure B = approx. 270 mm, foot H = approx. 950 mm, enclosure T = approx. 550 mm, passage B = approx. 530 mm
  • Dimensions plywood: L = approx. 480 mm, passage B = approx. 530 mm
  • Material: satin stainless steel, the turnstile can be controlled with any standard control unit.
  • Power supply: 230Vac 50 Hz or 115Vac 60 Hz
  • Rated power 50VA (Standby 5VA at Normal Off en)
  • Operating temperature -5 to +50 °C (relative humidity 95%, non-condensing)
  • IP protection class / MCBF / MTTR IP 32 / 10 million cycles (12 million for Normal Open) / less than 30 minutes
  • Passage speed plug-in card reader: 20 passages per minute
  • swipe card reader: 30 passages per minute
  • Contactless transponder reader: 40 passages per minute
  • Note: The price does not include the installation of the device.

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item numberWL38841
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