Stereomicroscope EZ4, binocular, 56x

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The Leica EZ4 school microscope (incident light and stereo microscope) with its 4.4:1 zoom is ideal for getting started in microscopy: biology, anatomy and chemistry subjects benefit from the bright, long-life LED illumination, which no longer requires lamp replacement. The LED illumination offers 7 different lighting scenarios with incident, oblique and transmitted light - so the lighting conditions and contrast can be adapted to almost any sample. The Greenough system provides a three-dimensional plastic view. 7 different lighting scenarios provide the right light and contrast for almost all applications. The bright LED lighting saves time and money because lamp changes are no longer necessary. The 4.4:1 zoom provides pin-sharp magnification between 8× - 35×. The Greenough optical system provides a three-dimensional 3D representation.

  • Optical system: 10°-Greenough, parfocal
  • Eyepieces for spectacle wearers: 16x/15 fixed
  • Viewing angle: 60
  • Working distance: 100 mm
  • Field of view: 4.3 to 18.8 mm
  • LED illumination: built-in, incident and transmitted light can be switched on independently or combined
  • Foil keyboard
  • Incident light method: Oblique incident light with 2LEDs
  • LED service life: approx. 25000 h
  • Light quality: homogeneous daylight 6500 °K reflected, 4500 °K transmitted, UV and IP radiation-free
  • Magnification 13 to 56x
  • Max. height: 446 mm

Product details

item numberWL43820
order unitpiece
voltage100–240 V
Product typestereomicroscope
Viewing angle60°
Working distance100 mm
Version tripodTable tripod
camera zoom13x-56x
colour temperature6500 °K
equippingLED illumination with incident and transmitted light
ESD safeno