2 channel control unit, 230 V

Article no: WL45354

Mfr. no: DDE-2C

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  • manages 2 tools simultaneously
  • Compatible with 10 handpieces: PA120-A, AM120-A, T210-A, T210-NA, T245-A, T245-NA, HT420-A, DS360-A, DR560-A, AP250-A
  • has the Dynamic Soldering Profiles function: temperature fluctuations when soldering ceramic chip components such as MLCC are avoided
  • up to 25 fully configurable solder profiles can be stored
  • Sleep and rest mode of the soldering tips
  • adjustable max. and min. temperature adjustable for the user
  • 3 temperature levels adjustable - for solder joints with different heat requirements
  • Soldering Graphics: Real-time visualization of peak temperature and power delivered to the solder joint during the soldering process
  • 10 different languages available: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean and Chinese
  • Peak power: 150 watts per tool

Product details

item numberWL45354
manufacturer item numberDDE-2C
dimensions (LxWxH)148 mm x 120 mm x 232 mm
order unitpiece
heat-up rating150 W
voltage (to)23 V
temperature range °C90–450 °C
ambient operating temperature10–40 °C
connectionsUSB-B (rear), USB-A (front), Robot RS-232, Equipotential bonding
number of channels2