Kraftform Kompakt W 1 Maintenance, 35 parts

Article no: WL47844

Mfr. no: 05135926001

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Compact tool set with the 35 most important screwdriving tools for indoor and outdoor maintenance work. With VDE hand holder including 12 VDE blades; 1 Joker double open-end wrench with holding function, end stop, small return angle and extremely gripping teeth; with the incredibly fast 1/4" Zyklop Speed ratchet including accessories; 8 hand and machine sockets size 5.5-13, 1 universal bit holder; 7 25mm bits; 1 screw claw for holding screws; 1 tension tester 247; textile box with very high robustness and durability; can be positioned upright for clear storage on the workshop shelf; additional surface protection through textile outer material; low weight and volume for simplified mobility.

  • Ratchet Zyklop Speed with swivelling ratchet head and 5 defined fixations
  • Hand and machine nuts (non impact) with ball catching groove and knurling at the rear end for high grip
  • Joker double open-end wrench with holding function, end stop, small return angle and gripping teeth
  • VDE-insulated Kraftform hand holders and interchangeable blades with reduced blade diameter
  • Assortment in robust textile box

Product details

item numberWL47844
manufacturer item number05135926001
modelKraftform Big Pack 300
scope of supply1x 817 VDE Kraftform hand holder: 9x102 mm
1x Kraftform Kompakt VDE 60 i: 0.4x2.5x154 mm
3x Kraftform Kompakt VDE 60 iS: 0.6x3.5x154 mm, 0.8x4x154 mm, 1x5.5x154 mm
2x Kraftform Kompakt VDE 62 iS: PH 1x154 mm, PH 2x154 mm
2x Kraftform Kompakt VDE 65 iS: PZ 1x154 mm, PZ 2x154 mm
1x Kraftform Kompakt VDE 67 i TORX®: TX 10x154 mm
3x Kraftform Kompakt VDE 67 iS TORX®: TX 15x154 mm, TX 20x154 mm, TX 25x154 mm
1x 1440: 4.5-6x41 mm
1x 247 Single pole voltage tester: 0,5x3x70 mm
1x 6002 Joker double open-end wrench: 10x13x167 mm
1x 8000 A Zyklop speed ratchet with 1/4" drive: 1/4 "x152 mm
1x 8784 A1 Zyklop connecting piece, 1/4": 1/4 "x37 mm
1x 8794 SA Zyklop extension with quick-release sleeve, short, 1/4": 1/4 "x75 mm
8x 8790 HMA Zyklop socket with 1/4" drive: 5.5x23 mm, 6x23 mm, 7x23 mm, 8x23 mm, 10x23 mm, 11x23 mm, 12x23 mm, 13x23 mm
1x 893/4/1 K universal holder: 1/4 "x50 mm
2x 855/1 Z bits: PZ 1x25 mm, PZ 2x25 mm
4x 840/1 Z bits: 3x25 mm, 4x25 mm, 5x25 mm, 6x25 mm
1x 867/1 TORX® bits: TX 25x25 mm
order unitset
ESD safeno
packaging massset
type of screwdrivernormal screwdrivers