App Speck Counter Set (incl. Light Eliminator + WhiteBalance Card)

Article no: WL48042

Mfr. no: 307003

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Whereas previously the specks were counted manually and you had to rely on the human eye, this application now automatically counts specks and bran in any sample, such as flour. This software, working in conjunction with a digital microscope, makes it effortless to evaluate the quality of the sample by taking the subjectivity out of the analysis and introducing an objective evaluation. Operators simply place the sample under the microscope and click to start the analysis. Typically, they don't have to adjust settings - such as choosing the minimum size of the stipple or adjusting the brightness filter - because they did it the first time and then saved all the settings as a template that can be easily recalled. Instead, all it takes is one click to count each individual stipple. Tagarno's stipple counter includes the light fade and white balance map.

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item numberWL48042
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