Room air filter unit SASOO - eliminates 99,995% of aerosols and viruses

Article no: WL53370

Mfr. no: 2-00211

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SASOO fits in every room and every branch!

Powerful filter technology
HEPA HEPA filters are a proven and recommended technology for air pollution control, supported by scientific studies1) . They improve air quality, thereby reducing the risk of infection and, compared with other solutions, are a safe way of removing harmful germs from the air.

Environmentally friendly and low maintenance
Microorganisms and other particles are reliably separated by HEPA-H-14 filters and are thus filtered out of the room air in a sustainable manner. Of course sasoo is also equipped with such a powerful filter. With a reliability of 99.995 %, nanoscale particles such as viruses and bacteria are filtered out of the air. At the same time, the filters have a long service life, so they rarely need to be replaced. All this makes sasoo a low-maintenance device with an extremely low susceptibility to faults.

The Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health also advises using H14 filters.

The optimal solution is sasoo
sasoo demonstrably reduces the particle load for rooms up to 100 m² - and thus also the risk of infection. As a supplement to the usual hygiene measures, sasoo is a reliable and equally powerful companion for the everyday life of your customers, partners, and those under your protection.

And here's how it works
1) Air contaminated with virus particles is sucked in at face level. A CO2 sensor continuously measures the air quality and gives an indication when additional ventilation is required.
2) The air flows through the HEPA filter. Aerosols, viruses and other fine particles in the nanoscale range are filtered out of the air to a separation efficiency of 99.995 %.
3) The activated charcoal filter also removes any odours.
4) The clean breathing air is returned into the room without draughts at the bottom of the unit.

  • Ready for immediate use - plug in, switch on, off you go
  • More security - filters 99.995% of viruses sucked in
  • As quiet as a conversation - only 52 decibels
  • Powerful - up to 100 m2 room size
  • Fits in any room - only 0.25 m2 stand space
  • Customizable - the look that suits you
  • Year-round protection - also removes influenza viruses and pollen from the indoor air

Product details

Room size (max.)100 m²
Power consumption500W, 4A
item numberWL53370
manufacturer item number2-00211
dimensions (LxWxH)60 cm x 60 cm x 175 cm
order unitpiece
Volume (max.)52 dBA
Air volume flow1000 m³/h