ImageProduct codeModelDescriptionNet price
SAFEGUARD - 7806.182 - ESD divider 552 x 155 mm, WL36598WL365987806.182ESD divider 552 x 155 mm1,36 EUR
WL368767806.183ESD divider 350 x 155 mm1,16 EUR
WL370517806.186ESD divider 552 x 200 mm1,66 EUR
WL370527806.187ESD divider 350 x 200 mm1,27 EUR
WL370537806.188ESD divider 250 x 200 mm1,09 EUR
SAFEGUARD - 7806.220 - ESD carton box 30, 590 x 385 x 135, WL31681WL316817806.220ESD carton box 30, 590 x 385 x 1356,01 EUR
SAFEGUARD - 7806.211 - ESD dividing wall Type C, WL31686WL316867806.211ESD dividing wall Type C0,74 EUR
SAFEGUARD - 7806.215 - ESD dividing walls Type D, WL31687WL316877806.215ESD dividing walls Type D0,60 EUR
25-303-0055 - Small parts container 34x34x10mm, WL32395WL3239525-303-0055Small parts container 34x34x10mm1,27 EUR
WL3238925-313-0015Small parts container 34x34x10mm, with filling2,49 EUR
WL3239025-313-0017Small parts container 73x50x16mm, with filling2,04 EUR
WL3239725-303-0070Small parts container 89x64x16mm1,96 EUR
WL3239225-313-0027Small parts container 89x64x16mm, with filling2,57 EUR
WL3239425-303-0050Small parts container 97x54x14mm1,84 EUR
WL3238825-313-0012Small parts container 97x54x14mm, with filling3,38 EUR
WL3239625-303-0065Small parts container 108x81x16mm2,38 EUR
WL3239125-313-0023Small parts container 108x81x16mm, with filling3,38 EUR
WL3240125-303-0005Small parts container 130x80x14mmPrice on request
WL3240225-303-0010Small parts container 130x80x30mmPrice on request
WL2885425-313-0031Small parts container 138x96x35mm, with filling5,98 EUR
WL3240425-303-0020Small parts container 179x133x78mmPrice on request
WL3239825-303-0080Small parts container 227x125x20mm7,28 EUR
WL3173525-313-0033Small parts container 227x125x20mm, with filling8,73 EUR
WL3239925-303-0085Small parts container 227x125x30mm8,74 EUR
WL3173625-313-0041Small parts container 227x125x30mm, with filling9,03 EUR
WL3240025-303-0090Small parts container 227x125x40mm8,17 EUR
WL3239325-313-0044Small parts container 227x125x40mm, with filling11,01 EUR
C-189 1628 - SMD small parts container 16x28x19mm, WL10510WL10510C-189 1628SMD small parts container 16x28x19mm0,96 EUR
WL10515C-189 3229SMD small parts container 32x29x19mm1,38 EUR
WL10516C-189 3258SMD small parts container 32x58x19mm1,40 EUR