ImageProduct codeModelDescriptionNet price
JBC - 0010252 - soldering iron holder, WL27248WL272480010252soldering iron holder10,65 EUR
JBC - 14706 - Mounting block for AP130 and AP250 handpieces, WL34571WL345710014706Mounting block for AP130 and AP250 handpieces26,81 EUR
JBC - 0780550 - Desoldering tip changing tool, WL18585WL185850780550Desoldering tip changing tool29,49 EUR
JBC - 132886 - Heating element for IN2100, WL35531WL355310132886Heating element for IN210033,25 EUR
JBC - 0018659 - Spare handles for HT420-A, WL39777WL397770018659Spare handles for HT420-A5,10 EUR
WL318490003553Filter unit for MS 900595,07 EUR
WL305290396416Adapter for soldering iron6,17 EUR
WL232940965582Clip for tube/cable to desoldering iron0,83 EUR
WL131170812940Rear gasket2,10 EUR
WL258360008473Filter for DS360-A63,06 EUR
WL198660781046Filter discs for air filters1,90 EUR
WL192660780840Felt filter for glass tube3,65 EUR
WL189540345360Finger protection for JBC soldering iron IB 32104,42 EUR
WL130990553909Guide tube for soldering tin13,61 EUR
WL179420812620Glass tube for DR5570/DR5600/DR565013,93 EUR
WL302960014781Handle pad for desoldering tweezers HT/KHT470-A16,09 EUR
WL130920001403Grip plate left for JBC Pulsmatic 55N8,76 EUR
WL130910551309 / 0451196Grip plate right for JBC Pulsmatic 55N10,82 EUR
WL189990812600 / 0014418Holder for glass tube2,44 EUR
WL131490965240Heating element socket for JBC desoldering iron 304000016,19 EUR
WL130970552851Heating element for PULSMATIC 55N, CLASSIC series30,03 EUR
WL201250553842Heating element for solder pistol 60 W/equal 55N, Classic Series27,89 EUR
WL258350008467Cardboard container for DS360-A12,44 EUR
WL26326PL-35Solder-Welding Mirror for SL-202042,90 EUR
WL180570812630Metal tube, for DR5550/DR5560/DR5570/DR5600/DR5650/DR560-A9,31 EUR
WL131130812330Metal spiral for glass tube1,37 EUR
WL230500786640Cleaning rod for desoldering iron2,41 EUR
WL262290056550FE-silicone hose for soldering iron T245-NA1,07 EUR
WL243290780593/0009131/0010261Accessory set for DR5600/DR5650158,00 EUR
JBC - GSF05 - Solder wire feed 0.5 mm, WL43988WL43988GSF05Solder wire feed 0.5 mm119,73 EUR
JBC - N1738 - Handle sleeve for nano-desoldering tweezers, WL30229WL30229N1738Handle sleeve for nano-desoldering tweezers5,49 EUR
JBC - DSV-DR - Heating element for DR560-A, WL25169WL25169DSV-DRHeating element for DR560-A113,69 EUR
JBC - DSV-DS - Heating element for DS360-A, WL26249WL26249DSV-DSHeating element for DS360-A115,83 EUR
JBC - 302885 - Heating element for 30S, WL19371WL193710302885Heating element for 30S21,45 EUR
JBC - 182830 - Heating element for 150S, WL24334WL243340182830Heating element for 150S41,83 EUR
JBC - 12374 - Heating element for TE-TB / TE-B, WL34621WL346210012374Heating element for TE-TB / TE-B187,69 EUR
JBC - 114108 - Tip Puller for JBC Soldering and Desoldering Iron, WL13072WL130720114108Tip Puller for JBC Soldering and Desoldering Iron33,25 EUR
JBC - A1287 - extension hose, WL23299WL232990781287 / A1287extension hose15,02 EUR
JBC - SN5450 - Solder wire, lead-free, WL21612WL216120002119 / SN5450Solder wire, lead-free8,58 EUR
JBC - 0002801 - Tin coil, empty, WL13098WL130980002801Tin coil, empty1,24 EUR
JBC - 16057 - Replacement soft foam handle for T245-A and T245-C, WL32919WL329190016057Replacement soft foam handle for T245-A and T245-C11,80 EUR