JBC - JTSE-2A - Hot air station 700 W

JBC - JTSE-2A - Hot air station 700 W, WL39690

Hot air station digital

  • High-powered stations for repairing all kinds of SMD components.
  • Supplied with the JT-TA heater set, the stand JT-SD and the extractor desk 0008752
  • Manual mode: In manual mode the operator can set temperature values and air flow rate depending on the task
  • Profile mode: In this mode the operator can set up or edit as many as 25 profiles of temperature and air flow

Hot air supports:

  • The auto-stop function is a safety measure which guarantees the heat is automatically cut off when the tool is in the stand
  • This also means you save power and extend the life of the tip
  • Auto-Start: When you select this function the tool automatically heats up when it is lifted from the stand
  • Pedal: When you select this function the tool will only heat up when the pedal is pressed


  • USB-B port: the operator can supervise and manage the parameters of seversal stations with a computer (JBC management software is needed)
  • ROBOT connector: Connector RJ-12 for RS 232 connection using a protocol for robots. This option requires an external robotic connection where the robot manages the JBC control unit
  • Pedal P005-A
  • Auxiliary connection
  • Stand connection JT-SD & TE-SD

Technical data:

  • Dimensions: 148 x 184 x 140 mm
  • Weight: 5.7 kg
  • Ref. - Voltage (AC) - Fuse: 230 V - 4A
  • Air flow rate: 10 - 50 SLPM
  • Select Temperature: Room Temp. / 150 - 450 °C (300 - 840 °F)
  • Nominal power: 700 W
  • Ambient temperature at the workbench: 10 - 40 °C (50 - 105 °F)
  • Vacuum: 30% / 228 mmHg / 9 inHg
  • Power: 3A

ESD safe

Weidinger product codeWL39690
Manufacturer product codeJTSE-2A