JBC - AD 2245-170 / T245-NA - Nitrogen Handle

JBC - AD 2245-170 / T245-NA - Nitrogen Handle, WL23677

Nitrogen Handle

  • The T245-NA nitrogen handle offers extra heat to the solder joint and helps prevent tip oxidation
  • The nitrogen flow must be provided by the GN-A or a nitrogen supply at the operator´s bench
  • Its ergonomic handle and the short distance tip-to-grip ensure greater precision and comfort
  • The screw at the grip fixes the cartridge to prevent rotation
  • The T245-NA works with C245 cartridges and features two easily interchangeable nozzles
  • cable length 1,5 m
  • scope of delivery: B7244 Nozzle N3 Nitrogen Handle, B7243 Nozzle N2 Nitrogen Handle
Weidinger product codeWL23677
ModelAD 2245-170 / T245-NA
Manufacturer product codeT245-NA
Net price
(1 piece)
129,71 EUR