ImageProduct codeModelDescriptionNet price
JBC - AT-SA - Holder for soldering tweezers A420, WL46474WL46474AT-SAHolder for soldering tweezers A420137,69 EUR
JBC - SF-SE - Stand for solder wire feeder SF280, WL46251WL46251SF-SEStand for solder wire feeder SF280137,69 EUR
JBC - HDT-SE - Storage stand for thermo tweezers HT470-A, WL46229WL46229HDT-SEStorage stand for thermo tweezers HT470-A197,55 EUR
JBC - AP-SE - Storage stand for AP250, WL45205WL45205AP-SEStorage stand for AP250135,69 EUR
JBC - AM-SA - Deposit rail for desoldering tweezers AM120, WL45208WL45208AM-SADeposit rail for desoldering tweezers AM120137,69 EUR
JBC - JT-SE - Storage stand for JT hot-air pistons, WL45232WL45232JT-SEStorage stand for JT hot-air pistons137,69 EUR
JBC - TE-SE - Storage stand for TE handpieces, WL45384WL45384TE-SEStorage stand for TE handpieces135,69 EUR
JBC - CT-SA - Storage stand for small solder bath, WL36629WL36629CT-SAStorage stand for small solder bath194,56 EUR
JBC - TE-SD - Storage stand for TE handpieces, WL41182WL41182TE-SDStorage stand for TE handpieces135,69 EUR
JBC - HT-SE - Storage stand for HT420, WL43725WL43725HT-SEStorage stand for HT420137,69 EUR
JBC - AD-SE - Storage stand for T210 / T245, WL26453WL26453AD-SB / AD-SC / AD-SD / AD-SEStorage stand for T210 / T245137,69 EUR
JBC - AL-IA - Stand for AL-2A, WL22765WL22765AL-IAStand for AL-2A455,81 EUR
JBC - AL-SA / AL-SD - Storage stand for AL250-A, WL25280WL25280AL-SE / AL-SA / AL-SDStorage stand for AL250-A137,69 EUR
JBC - DN-SE - Storage stand T210/245/470-NA, WL36394WL36394DN-SEStorage stand T210/245/470-NA137,69 EUR
JBC - DR-SD - Storage stand for DR560-A, WL26461WL26461DR-SB / DR-SC / DR-SD / DR-SEStorage stand for DR560-A137,69 EUR
JBC - DS-SD - Storage stand for DS360-A, WL26462WL26462DS-SB / DS-SD / DS-SEStorage stand for DS360-A137,69 EUR
JBC - HD-SD - Storage stand for T245, WL25279WL25279HD-SB / HD-SC / HD-SD / HD-SEStorage stand for T245137,69 EUR
JBC - JT-SB - Storage stand for JT handpieces, WL24087WL24087JT-8801 / JT-SA / JT-SBStorage stand for JT handpieces84,81 EUR
JBC - SC-C - Soldering tip stand for C210 and C245 tip series, WL43746WL43746SC-CSoldering tip stand for C210 and C245 tip series194,56 EUR
JBC - SCH-A - Soldering tip stand for 16 tips, WL44419WL44419SCH-ASoldering tip stand for 16 tips14,97 EUR
JBC - S3-B - Soldering tip stand empty, WL22839WL22839S3-A / 0002392 / S3-BSoldering tip stand empty26,94 EUR
JBC - 290120 - Storage stand for PULSMATIC, WL13316WL13316TS 1200Storage stand for PULSMATIC24,94 EUR
JBC - 290100 - Storage stand US1000, WL30293WL302930290100Storage stand US100024,94 EUR
JBC - 290150 - Soldering Iron Stand for DS, WL17714WL17714UD1500Soldering Iron Stand for DS24,94 EUR
JBC - 0010252 - soldering iron holder, WL27248WL272480010252soldering iron holder10,65 EUR
JBC - 14706 - Mounting block for AP130 and AP250 handpieces, WL34571WL345710014706Mounting block for AP130 and AP250 handpieces26,81 EUR