ImageProduct codeModelDescriptionNet price
OKI - PS-900 - 1-channel soldering station with PS-HC3 handpiece, WL24486WL24486PS-9001-channel soldering station with PS-HC3 handpiece219,76 EUR
WL24472MFR-11101-channel soldering/desoldering station, with MFR-H1-SC2 handpiece314,81 EUR
WL24473MFR-11201-channel soldering/desoldering station, with MFR-H2-ST2 handpiece304,59 EUR
WL24474MFR-11401-channel soldering/desoldering station, with MFR-H4-TW soldering tweezers411,91 EUR
WL27223MFR-11501-Channel Desoldering Station with MFR-H5-DS Desoldering Iron570,04 EUR
WL26267MFR-11601-channel soldering/desoldering station, with soldering iron for SSC soldering tips314,81 EUR
WL26975MFR-13502-channel desoldering station with internal pump, MFR-H5-DS Desoldering Iron609,18 EUR
WL27221MFR-13512-channel soldering/desoldering station, integrated pump, MFR-H5-DS + MFR-H1-SC2736,95 EUR
WL24466MFR-22102-channel soldering/rework station, with MFR-H1-SC2 handpiece449,73 EUR
WL24469MFR-2211Dual output soldering station582,60 EUR
WL24467MFR-22202-channel soldering/rework station, with MFR-H-ST2 Handpiece449,73 EUR
WL24470MFR-22222-channel soldering/rework station, with 2x MFR-H2-ST2 handpiece582,60 EUR
WL24468MFR-22402-channel soldering/rework station, with MFR-H4-TW soldering tweezers542,75 EUR
WL24471MFR-22412-channel soldering/rework station, with MFR-H4-TW + MFR-H1-SC676,63 EUR
WL24476MFR-PS11001-channel supply unit for MFR-1100 series181,93 EUR
WL36440MFR-PS13002-channel supply unit for MFR-1300 series417,02 EUR
WL24475MFR-PS22002-channel supply unit for MFR-2200 series317,87 EUR
WL24487PS-PW9001-channel supply unit for PS-900 system156,38 EUR