ImageProduct codeModelDescriptionNet price
WELLER - T0058765774N - Heating element for WXDP-120, WL30622WL30622T0058765774Heating element for WXDP-120197,29 EUR
WL33287T0058763751Heating element for WP65101,10 EUR
WL36151T0058765729Heating element for WXP 200169,81 EUR
WL25946T0058741822Desoldering head for DVX80105,03 EUR
WL16448T0052411999Heating element for LR20/LR2134,35 EUR
WL16349T0051011399Heating element for MAGNASTAT TCP-1238,28 EUR
WL16350T0051011999Heating element for MAGNASTAT TCP-SFE43,19 EUR
WL16381T0051311599Desoldering head for DS21/DS22185,51 EUR
WL16382T0051311899Desoldering head for DS80178,64 EUR
WL20095T0051313099Desoldering head for DSX80161,96 EUR
WL16449T0052412299Heating element for FE5037,30 EUR
WL16351T0051012199Heating element for MAGNASTAT FE50M40,24 EUR
WL17774T0058744724Heating element with sensor for WSP80FE/FE75101,10 EUR
WL16463T0052620499Heating element with sensor for FE80143,31 EUR
WL16447T0052411099Heating element for LR20/LR2132,39 EUR
WL16460T0052620199Heating element with sensor for LR80/82137,42 EUR
WL22010T0058744765Heating element for MPR80Price on request
WL16348T0051011299Heating element for MAGNASTAT TCP31,41 EUR
WL16535T0056120699Heating element for MAGNASTAT W6132,39 EUR
WL16536T0056121699Heating element for MAGNASTAT W10143,19 EUR
WL1653756121171 / 56121171Heating element for mini solder bath MAGNASTAT W101H49,08 EUR
WL16538T0056122699Heating element for MAGNASTAT W200/W20154,97 EUR
WL24229T0058744855Heating element for WP8098,16 EUR
WL21994T0058732867Heating element for WSFP-5266,00 EUR
WL20109T0058732868Heating element for WSFP-8266,00 EUR
WL16711T0058744761Heating element for WSP150155,08 EUR
WL16707T0058744711Heating element with sensor for WSP8098,16 EUR
WL18572T0058749703Heating element for WTA50132,51 EUR
WL16352T0051020199Magnetic switch for TCP41,23 EUR
WL16360T0051130099Magnetic switch for W60/W6141,23 EUR
WL16361T0051130199Magnetic switch for W100/W10141,23 EUR
WL16362T0051130299Magnetic switch for W200/W20149,08 EUR
WL16464T0052641099Temperature sensor for LR20/-FE/LR21/-FE/FE5048,10 EUR
WL26364T0058725749Heating element for WST82Price on request
WL26365T0058725750Heating element for WST82108,95 EUR
WL26924T0058763707Heating element for WP120125,64 EUR
WELLER - T0058768725N - Radiator WTP/WXP 90, WL39538WL39538T0058768725Radiator WTP/WXP 9078,52 EUR
WELLER - T0058744738N - Heating element with sensor for WSP80, WL22780WL22780HER / 58744738Heating element with sensor for WSP80167,85 EUR