ImageProduct codeModelDescriptionNet price
WELLER - T0058765764N - Desoldering head for DSX 120, WL39964WL39964T0058765764NDesoldering head for DSX 120214,96 EUR
WL43025T0058765820NHeater for WXDP 120253,24 EUR
WL16573T0058711719Connection cover for desoldering devices (filters)4,71 EUR
WL16673T0058738799Socket insert 6/7-pole for WSA114,13 EUR
WL16674T0058738814socket housing11,68 EUR
WL16702T0058741783Sealing cap for desoldering iron DSV805,89 EUR
WL16390T0051344499Sealing rings for desoldering devices, WSA1/WSA1V/WMD1/WMD3/WMD3V5,01 EUR
WL20846T0058748807Display cover for desoldering station WDD-805,30 EUR
WL16586T0058716748Handle for DS22/DS80 antistatic14,63 EUR
WL16385T0051317699Setting gauge for WT50/WTA50103,06 EUR
WL17708T0058741754End cap with seal for DSV/DSV80Price on request
WL16574T0058711720Spring to filter for desolderers7,46 EUR
WL16723T0058748852Filter for desoldering stations WDD80/81/16139,26 EUR
WL16576T0058711722Filter housing for WSA1/WMA1/WMD3/WSA-1V3,24 EUR
WL16697T0058741750Glass tube for DSV/DSV80Price on request
WL16699T0058741752Glass tube brush for DSV/DSV809,42 EUR
WL16388T0051343599Main filter complete, for WSA1/WMA1/WMD3/WSA1V/DS701/VP80123,36 EUR
WL16405T0051363199Cable clip for DS21/DS22/DS80/DSV6,58 EUR
WL22867T0058740725Solenoid valve for WMD3/WMD3K/WMD3K2185,51 EUR
WL19008T0058731746Solenoid valve for desoldering machinesPrice on request
WL19626T0058748851Solenoid valve for desoldering stations WDD80/81/16186,38 EUR
WL19677T0058738806Pressure gauge, self-clamping45,15 EUR
WL16392T0051350199Needle holder with 0.5/0.9/1.4/1.9, for cleaning tools19,83 EUR
WL16393T0051350299Spare needles, 1x1,9/3x0,9 - for cleaning tool19,83 EUR
WL16394T0051350399Spare needles, 1x1,9/3x0,5 - for cleaning tool18,06 EUR
WL16395T0051350499Spare needles, 1x1,9/3x1,4 - for cleaning toolPrice on request
WL16566T0058706713baffle plate for DS212,55 EUR
WL19625T0058748850Compressed air converter for desoldering stations WDD80/81/16190,30 EUR
WL16577T0058713798Suction insert, large, for QFP/PLCC/CHIP/SOJ components32,39 EUR
WL16578T0058713799Suction insert small, for QFP/PLCC/CHIP/SOJ component32,39 EUR
WL16403T0051361399Silencer for desoldering machines12,76 EUR
WL22583T0058738121Service set for pump WMA1/WSA1/WMD342,21 EUR
WL16570T0058706784Silicone cable with connector for DS21/DS2252,02 EUR
WL22866T0058731741Push-in fitting M5 for WAD10112,47 EUR
WL16568T0058706782Button for DS22/DS808,74 EUR
WL18382T0058739707Vacuum pump for WMA1, 24 V357,28 EUR
WL16671T0058738728Vacuum pump for WSA1357,28 EUR
WL16608T0058722746Vacuum hose for desoldering iron, 1.7 m13,55 EUR
WL16384T0051312499Service set for DS22/DS8015,80 EUR
WL16401T0051360599Glass tube for desoldering iron, DS22/DS80/DSX80/DSX12017,67 EUR
WL16404T0051361699Exchangeable strap for glass tube suitable for DS22/DS8013,74 EUR
WL16572T0058711718Filter insert for desoldering devices28,07 EUR
WL17932T0058706792Impact cup for DS22/DS80/DSX809,42 EUR
WL26445T0058741821Sealing cap for DVX802,99 EUR
WL27261T0058741820Cartridge holder for DVX8011,78 EUR
WL27810T0058765778Glass tube for desoldering iron WXDP 12027,19 EUR
WL27867T0058765776Felt filter for glass tube suitable for WXDP-1206,38 EUR
WL28154T0058765770Sealing cap for soldering iron WXDP 12020,61 EUR
WELLER - T0051504999N - Nozzle changing tool for WHA3000V and WHA3000P, WL23536WL23536T0051504999Nozzle changing tool for WHA3000V and WHA3000P45,15 EUR
WELLER - T0058741815N - Filter cartridge for DXV 80, WL22981WL22981T0058741815Filter cartridge for DXV 8012,37 EUR
WELLER - T0058736780N - Manual control panel for WHA3000V/WHA3000P, WL23535WL23535T0058736780Manual control panel for WHA3000V/WHA3000P113,86 EUR
WELLER - T0051504899N - Tray for hot air nozzles NR/ND/NQ for WHA 900, WHA 3000V and WHA 3000P (max. 6 nozzles), WL16412WL16412T0051504899Tray for hot air nozzles NR/ND/NQ for WHA 900, WHA 3000V and WHA 3000P (max. 6 nozzles)113,86 EUR
WELLER - T0051312599N - FE retrofit kit for DS22/DS80/DSX80, WL18368WL18368T0051312599FE retrofit kit for DS22/DS80/DSX8048,10 EUR
WELLER - T0051360399 - Sealing ring for glass tube suitable for DS22/DS80, WL16399WL16399T0051360399Sealing ring for glass tube suitable for DS22/DS808,64 EUR
WELLER - T0051360499 - Felt filter for glass tube, suitable for DS22/DS80/DSX80, WL16400WL16400T0051360499Felt filter for glass tube, suitable for DS22/DS80/DSX806,48 EUR
WEICON - 26000001 - Antibloc paste, 10 g, WL16378WL1637851303099Antibloc paste, 10 g7,62 EUR
WELLER - T0058711716 - Repair kit for VAC pump VP801, WL27315WL27315T0058711716Repair kit for VAC pump VP80162,82 EUR