ImageProduct codeModelDescriptionNet price
WELLER - T0058765731 - Spare cable for WXP 200, WL36589WL36589T0058765731Spare cable for WXP 20048,83 EUR
WELLER - T0058763730 - Heating element HER 120, WL41771WL41771T0058763730Heating element HER 120173,41 EUR
WELLER - T0058751816 - Rest bracket for RT tips, WL22719WL22719T0058751816Rest bracket for RT tips15,95 EUR
WL18335T0058735742Exhaust air damping insert for WFE-P7,77 EUR
WL16588T0058716780Connection cone for W 61, W 10110,36 EUR
WL16441T0051617799Burner insert for PYROPEN23,52 EUR
WL17966T0058748806Socket housing12,16 EUR
WL18400T0051619599Nozzle, 80 07U, for PYROPEN PIEZO12,96 EUR
WL16553T0058703892ESD base plate for KH 2015,05 EUR
WL16722T0058748804On/Off switch for soldering devices6,38 EUR
WL16547T0058703920On/Off switch, illuminatedPrice on request
WL16469T0052911399Built-in transformer 230/24/12VPrice on request
WL16451T0052511398Built-in transformer 230/24V56,81 EUR
WL35004T0058748943Spare front plat for WSD 16124,22 EUR
WL34575T0058732885Spare housing bottom for WSF 81D25,71 EUR
WL32898T0058765761Spare handle for WXP 6540,86 EUR
WL32900T0058765715Spare cable for WXP / WXDP 12030,90 EUR
WL32899T0058765762Spare cable for WXP 6532,89 EUR
WL35545T0058763725Spare barrel for WP 20015,05 EUR
WL16607T0058720778FE extraction tube for MLR21-FE11,46 EUR
WL16366T0051162299Spring for soldering iron5,58 EUR
WL16873KH1Spring with funnel7,77 EUR
WL17698T0058748747Front plate for WS 5020,43 EUR
WL19314T0058748731Front plate for WS 8023,22 EUR
WL23195T0058748931Front plate for WS8113,65 EUR
WL17738T0058748772Front plate for WSD 13017,94 EUR
WL26028T0058732884Front plate for WSF-81D14,95 EUR
WL34110T0058748908Housing bottom for soldering units39,87 EUR
WL18596T0058748746Housing bottom for WS 5030,90 EUR
WL22877T0058748930Housing bottom for WS5134,88 EUR
WL25800T0058748737Housing bottom for WS80 / WSD8040,86 EUR
WL23197T0058748933Housing bottom for WS8129,00 EUR
WL24304T0058748941Housing bottom for WSD 15133,89 EUR
WL23200T0058748937Housing bottom for WSD8125,61 EUR
WL23192T0058748926Housing bottom for WTCP5126,41 EUR
WL16715T0058748732Housing cover for soldering devices28,30 EUR
WL23193T0058748928Housing front plate for WS5123,72 EUR
WL22435T0058748925Housing front plate for WTCP5117,54 EUR
WL23634T0051618000Upper housing part for PYROPEN5,28 EUR
WL24279T0058758723Upper housing part for WD-126,71 EUR
WL16717T0058748743Housing rear wall for soldering devices31,89 EUR
WL22425T0058748924Housing rear wall for WS5115,75 EUR
WL23198T0058748934Housing rear wall for WS8148,83 EUR
WL23633T0051617900Lower housing part for PYROPEN5,38 EUR
WL16580T0058716794Handpiece for FE soldering iron FE 508,07 EUR
WL16585T0058716747Handpiece for LR 21-AS a. LR 80 / 8214,55 EUR
WL16589T0058716782Handpiece for soldering iron TCPS / LR214,39 EUR
WL16602T0058720743Handpiece for MLR 2119,63 EUR
WL16708T0058744712Handpiece for WSP 806,18 EUR
WL2866070-01UMHandpiece with cartridge for PYROPEN93,68 EUR
WL20488T0058735761Rubber metal buffer for WFE-P32,89 EUR
WL19505T0058748728Rubber feet for WS 805,98 EUR
WL32897T0058765760Heating element WXP 65123,58 EUR
WL32901T0058765712Heating element WXP 120144,51 EUR
WL34937T0058763726Spare heater for WP 200141,52 EUR
WL18790T0058725036Socket screw M3 x 4 for WST 20Price on request
WL16590T0058716791Insulation flange for soldering devices1,89 EUR
WL23791T0058741782Cable with plug for DSV80Price on request
WL16604T0058720746Cable with plug for FE 25 / 5037,87 EUR
WL16414T0051506699Cable holder for KH2017,24 EUR
WL16710T0058744730Cable bushing for WSP 803,59 EUR
WL25497T0058735760Toggle valve for WFE76,74 EUR
WL16591T0058716792Anti-kink bushing for TCP / LR213,39 EUR
WL20552T0058716795Anti-kink bushing for W61/W1015,28 EUR
WL16359T0051066099Capacitor for TCP9,77 EUR
WL16415T0051602199Charger for WC 100Price on request
WL19299T0058748730PCB for WS 80152,48 EUR
WL28344T0058758757PCB set for WD-1197,33 EUR
WL16637T0058732795Solder guide hose for SFA/SFC43,85 EUR
WL22717T0058732870Solder guide hose for WSF-P8112,62 EUR
WL16641T0058732801Soldering nozzle for SFA, spring-supported, 1.0 mm101,66 EUR
WL16640T0058732800Soldering nozzle for SFA, spring-supported, 1.5 mm67,77 EUR
WL16639T0058732799Soldering nozzle for SFC, rigid, 1.0 mm65,78 EUR
WL16638T0058732798Soldering nozzle for SFC, rigid, 1.5 mm65,78 EUR
WL22714T0058732873Soldering nozzle for WSF-P5, 0.5 x 62 mm67,77 EUR
WL22713T0058732850Soldering nozzle for WSF-P5, 0.8 x 52 mm67,77 EUR
WL22715T0058732874Soldering nozzle for WSF-P5, 0.8 x 62 mm67,77 EUR
WL22711T0058732835Soldering nozzle for WSF-P8, 1.0 x 52 mm66,77 EUR
WL22710T0058732836Soldering nozzle for WSF-P8, 1.0 x 62 mm66,77 EUR
WL22709T0058732834Soldering nozzle for WSF-P8, 1.5 x 52 mm66,77 EUR
WL22708T0058732832Soldering nozzle for WSF-P8, 1.5 x 62 mm66,77 EUR
WL16587T0058716763Assembly plate for soldering devices9,57 EUR
WL23635T0051619399Nut for barrel, PYROPEN6,28 EUR
WL19757T0057004099Mains cable with plug19,63 EUR
WL16541T0057003099Mains cable with plug for W6110,07 EUR
WL17967T0058735739Pump for Zero-Smog-2E303,97 EUR
WL30646T0058748903Control PCB for WDD 161 V352,81 EUR
WL23196T0058748932Control PCB for WS81125,57 EUR
WL23199T0058748935Control PCB for WSD81192,35 EUR
WL25951T0058748920Control PCB for WSD81237,20 EUR
WL16443T0052001499Cleaning sponge 57 x 37 x 20 mm12,26 EUR
WL16704T0058742724Cleaning sponge for AK5112,96 EUR
WL16594T0058719706Cleaning sponge for MT1500Price on request
WL34423T0058759728Reset plug for WR WD station62,79 EUR
WL35928T0058764721Silencer for WXD-24,78 EUR
WL16721T0058748770Key for WS 50, WS 803,19 EUR
WL16353T0051020399Screw for handpiece4,88 EUR
WL18535T0058744729Protective tube+funnel for WPH 8018,04 EUR
WL16444T0052141399Fuse for WS 50, I = 0.3 A6,78 EUR
WL16356T0051042699Silicone cable 3 x 0.5019,83 EUR
WL16459T0052542599Silicon cable with plug42,85 EUR
WL16584T0058716743Silicon cable with plug + handpiece54,81 EUR
WL16571T0058706785Silicon cable with plug, DS8044,85 EUR
WL29886T0058744853Barrel for WP805,28 EUR
WL16433T0051615399Barrel for PYROPEN7,87 EUR
WL25459T0051619299Barrel for PYROPEN8,57 EUR
WL30570T0058720795Barrel for MT/LT adapter3,09 EUR
WL19296T0058744757Circlip for WPH 805,28 EUR
WL16396T0051352099Plug for LR21, 5-pin13,65 EUR
WL17946T0052672199Plug for potential equalization5,58 EUR
WL1639751352200/99Plug for TCP-S, 3-pin13,65 EUR
WL34982T0058703922Connector for holder1,89 EUR
WL16636T0058732794Teflon soldering nozzle for SFC, 1.0 mmPrice on request
WL16529T0055003899Funnel for safety rest KH157,67 EUR
WL16531T0055004099Funnel for KH-2 / KH-203,39 EUR
WL1653255004200 / (55004299)Funnel for KH-4 / KH-27Price on request
WL1653355004300 / (55004399)Funnel for KH-5 / KH-6Price on request
WL35483T0058765808Funnel for WDH-5118,14 EUR
WL16534T0055005099Funnel for diverse soldering irons6,68 EUR
WL16718T0058748744Funnel spring, black5,48 EUR
WL26866T0058744907Funnel with spring6,78 EUR
WL16478T0053209999Extension cable for TCP S52,82 EUR
WL16442T0051619199Ignition device for PYROPEN16,34 EUR
WL20036T0058744795Union nut for WSP 15013,06 EUR
WL16461T0052620299Barrel for LR8215,85 EUR
WL16596T0058720701Barrel for MLR2112,46 EUR
WL16605T0058720762Barrel for MLR217,57 EUR
WL16354T0051031199Barrel for LR21/TCP4,88 EUR
WL16363T0051134299Union nut for W6110,27 EUR
WL16364T0051134399Union nut for W10110,17 EUR
WL16365T0051134499Union nut for W20110,17 EUR
WL26679T0058758724Front plate for WD-133,89 EUR
WL26662T0058748944Housing bottom for WSD 16141,86 EUR
WL26571T0058748805Device plug10,36 EUR
WL26503T0051619899Gas valve for PYROPEN10,07 EUR
WL26358T0058744856Handpiece for WP-809,97 EUR
WL27238T0058703865Socket insert, 6-pin9,67 EUR
WL27219T0058748740Transformer for WSD81, 230/24V, 80VA79,73 EUR
WL45954T0058744862NHeizelement für WSP80 (de)84,71 EUR
WL32902T0058765714Spare handle for WXP 12027,01 EUR
WELLER - T0053633899 - Connection nipple for FE hose, WL16501WL16501T0053633899Connection nipple for FE hose9,27 EUR
WELLER - T0058765801 - Spitzenhülse für gebogene XT-Spitzen für WP 120 (de), WL45736WL45736T0058765801Spitzenhülse für gebogene XT-Spitzen für WP 120 (de)27,69 EUR
WELLER - T0058765799 - FE retrofit kit for WXP65, WL30445WL30445T0058765799FE retrofit kit for WXP6569,76 EUR
WL32819T0058765798FE retrofit kit for WXP-12069,76 EUR
WELLER - T0058744713 - Cable with plug for WSP 80, WL16709WL16709T0058744713Cable with plug for WSP 8043,85 EUR
WELLER - TC205 - Cleaning sponge for WEP 70 safety rest, WL44485WL44485TC205Cleaning sponge for WEP 70 safety rest1,48 EUR
WELLER - T0052242099 - Cleaning sponge, two-layers, WL33218WL33218T0052242099Cleaning sponge, two-layers13,85 EUR
WELLER - 52241900 - Cleaning sponge 70 x 55 x 16 mm, WL16446WL1644652241900Cleaning sponge 70 x 55 x 16 mm1,74 EUR
WELLER - T0051384199 - Brass wool for WDC 2, WL32904WL32904T0051384199Brass wool for WDC 24,98 EUR
WELLER - T0058768724 - Barrel for WTP90, WL42394WL42394T0058768724Barrel for WTP9016,15 EUR
WELLER - T0058765711 - Barrel for WXP 120, WL28564WL28564T0058765711Barrel for WXP 12024,22 EUR
WL25925T0058763709Barrel for WP12012,46 EUR
WL16706T0058744710Barrel for WSP809,47 EUR
WL27463T0058765767Barrel for WP65/WXP6529,90 EUR
WELLER - T0052812699 - FE retrofit kit for diverse soldering irons, WL23887WL23887T0052812699FE retrofit kit for diverse soldering irons98,67 EUR
WELLER - T0058733766 - FE extraction tube for FE80, WL16642WL16642T0058733766FE extraction tube for FE8026,11 EUR
WELLER - T0058744845 - Barrel, short, for WP-80, WL22796WL22796T0058744845Barrel, short, for WP-8012,66 EUR
WELLER - T0058744846 - Barrel, long, for WP-80, WL22797WL22797T0058744846Barrel, long, for WP-8012,66 EUR