ImageProduct codeModelDescriptionNet price
ULT - 02.1.030 - removable mounting frame with filter mats set M5/F7, WL15443WL1544302.1.030removable mounting frame with filter mats set M5/F747,01 EUR
WL1543802.0.038filter mats M5/F7 - sets 10 pcs103,43 EUR
WL36236AM002ULT 200 Suction module 002355,22 EUR
WL36250AM003Suction module 003298,80 EUR
WL3897402.1.401Adsorption filter cartridge A9324,92 EUR
WL4050802.0.477Expanded metal filter series 300Price on request
WL4116002.1.502Adsorption filter cartridge A8217,31 EUR
WL4005602.0.016removable mounting frame series 40035,52 EUR
WL4416002.1.038Wechselrahmen, Baureihe 400 mit Filtermattenset M5/F7 (de)64,78 EUR
WL1896102.1.025Adsorption filter cartridge A14 (upper cartridge)325,96 EUR
WL2057702.0.017Expanded metal filter117,01 EUR
WL4100602.0.663Z-Line filter G4-02 LRA, 10 pcs478,50 EUR
WL2431602.4.240Activated carbon filter A6 recycling for filter trolley197,46 EUR
WL4115902.1.406Adsorption filter cartridge A18446,11 EUR
WL4116502.1.470Z-Line Filter C431,34 EUR
WL4165202.1.405A18 adsorption filter cassette, complete, ACD300469,09 EUR
WL4217902.1.609Adsorption filter cassette, approx. 12 kg - ACD 1200379,24 EUR
WL3255002.0.014Prefilter mat M5 for ACD-100016,19 EUR
WL3715902.0.058Filter mat M5 - set 10 pcs144,18 EUR
WL3873002.1.024Absorption filter cartridge A10249,70 EUR
WL3098002.1.602Adsorption filter cartridge A23 bottom569,39 EUR
WL3098102.1.603Adsorption filter cartridge A23 top569,39 EUR
WL2625902.1.041Adsorption filter cartridge A15387,60 EUR
WL1884002.4.011Adsorption filter cartridge A6 recycling ACD 150, 220, 250, 210197,46 EUR
WL1832302.1.011Adsorption filter cartridge A6 for ACD 150, 220, 250, 210197,46 EUR
WL1979002.4.012Adsorption filter cartridge A8 Recycling197,46 EUR
WL1978802.1.012Adsorption filter cartridge A8197,46 EUR
WL2830702.1.042Adsorption filter cartridge A6 for ACD 220 Ex197,46 EUR
WL2280202.4.042Adsorption filter cartridge A6 recycling for ACD 220 Ex197,46 EUR
WL1896202.1.044Absorption filter cartridge A14 bottom325,96 EUR
WL2339202.0.003Particulate filter H13127,46 EUR
WL4277103.1.020SUB D9-III interface160,90 EUR
WL2212103.1.021Filter unit control,digital660,28 EUR
WL2203503.1.015Operating hour meter66,86 EUR
WL2677502.1.500Adsorption filter cartridge A6 complete228,80 EUR
WL2677602.4.500Adsorption filter cartridge A6 complete recycling228,80 EUR
WL2680502.0.571 Z-Line FilterZ-line filter G4 - set 10 pcs216,26 EUR
WL2677702.1.501adsorption filter cartridge A6 ACD 200 / 160207,91 EUR
WL2677802.4.501adsorption filter cartridge A6 recycling ACD 200 / 160207,91 EUR
ULT - 02.0.012 - Filter mats M5, WL15434WL1543402.0.012Filter mats M510,76 EUR
ULT - 02.1.240 - Activated carbon filter A6 for filter trolley, WL22447WL2244702.1.240Activated carbon filter A6 for filter trolley197,46 EUR
ULT - 02.1.043 - Adsorption filter cartridge A8, WL36509WL3650902.1.043Adsorption filter cartridge A8197,46 EUR
ULT - 02.0.654 - Filter mat M5, WL36091WL3609102.0.654Filter mat M516,09 EUR
ULT - 02.0.570         Z-Line Filter - Z-line filter G4, WL26804WL2680402.0.570 Z-Line FilterZ-line filter G423,92 EUR