ImageProduct codeModelDescriptionNet price
WELLER - T0058765764N - Desoldering head for DSX 120, WL39964WL39964T0058765764NDesoldering head for DSX 120218,26 EUR
WL43025T0058765820NHeater for WXDP 120248,15 EUR
WL16573T0058711719Connection cover (filter)4,78 EUR
WL16673T0058738799Socket insert, 6/7-pin14,35 EUR
WL16674T0058738814Socket housing, D = 13.0 mm11,86 EUR
WL16702T0058741783Sealing cap for DSV805,98 EUR
WL16390T0051344499Sealing rings for desoldering devices5,08 EUR
WL20846T0058748807Display cover for WDD-805,38 EUR
WL16586T0058716748ESD handpiece for DS 22, DS 8014,85 EUR
WL16385T0051317699Setting gauge104,65 EUR
WL17708T0058741754End cap with seal for DSVPrice on request
WL16574T0058711720Spring for filter7,57 EUR
WL16723T0058748852Filter for WDD 8039,87 EUR
WL16576T0058711722Filter housing for WSA1 / WMA13,29 EUR
WL16697T0058741750Glass tube for DSV/ DSV80Price on request
WL16699T0058741752Glass tube brush for DSV/ DSV809,57 EUR
WL16388T0051343599Main filter23,72 EUR
WL16405T0051363199Cable clip6,68 EUR
WL22867T0058740725Solenoid valve188,36 EUR
WL19008T0058731746Solenoid valve for desoldering devicesPrice on request
WL19626T0058748851Solenoid valve for WDD 8087,70 EUR
WL19677T0058738806Manometer, self-clamping45,84 EUR
WL16392T0051350199Needle holder for cleaning tool20,13 EUR
WL16393T0051350299Needles for cleaning tool20,13 EUR
WL16394T0051350399Needles for cleaning tool18,34 EUR
WL16395T0051350499Needles for cleaning toolPrice on request
WL16566T0058706713Baffle plate for DS 212,59 EUR
WL19625T0058748850Compressed air converter for WDD 8091,69 EUR
WL16577T0058713798Suction insert, large, for DS.. 8032,89 EUR
WL16578T0058713799Suction insert, small, for DS.. 8032,89 EUR
WL16403T0051361399Silencer for desoldering devices12,96 EUR
WL22583T0058738121Service set for pump42,85 EUR
WL16570T0058706784Silicon cable with plug/ DS2152,82 EUR
WL22866T0058731741Threaded union, M512,66 EUR
WL16568T0058706782Push button for DS 22/ DS 808,87 EUR
WL18382T0058739707Vacuum pump for WMA 1 and WR-3M 24 V362,77 EUR
WL16671T0058738728Vacuum pump for WSA 1362,77 EUR
WL16608T0058722746Vacuum hose, desoldering iron13,75 EUR
WL16384T0051312499Service set for desoldering iron16,05 EUR
WL16401T0051360599Glass tube for desoldering iron17,94 EUR
WL16404T0051361699Change flap for glass tube13,95 EUR
WL16572T0058711718Filter insert for desoldering devices28,50 EUR
WL17932T0058706792Impact bowl for DS 22/ DS 809,57 EUR
WL26445T0058741821Sealing cap for DXV803,04 EUR
WL27261T0058741820Cartridge support for DXV8011,96 EUR
WL27810T0058765778Glass tube for desoldering iron27,61 EUR
WL27867T0058765776Felt filter for glass tube6,48 EUR
WL28154T0058765770Sealing cap for WXDP20,93 EUR
WELLER - T0051504999 - Nozzle change tool for WHA, WL23536WL23536T0051504999Nozzle change tool for WHA45,84 EUR
WELLER - T0058741815 - Filter cartridge for DXV 80, WL22981WL22981T0058741815Filter cartridge for DXV 8012,56 EUR
WELLER - T0058736780 - Manual control panel for WHA3000V / P, WL23535WL23535T0058736780Manual control panel for WHA3000V / P115,61 EUR
WELLER - T0051504899 - Hot air nozzle holder for WHA, WL16412WL16412T0051504899Hot air nozzle holder for WHA115,61 EUR
WELLER - T0051312599 - FE retrofit kit for DS22/DS80, WL18368WL18368T0051312599FE retrofit kit for DS22/DS8048,83 EUR
WELLER - T0051360399 - Sealing ring for glass tube, WL16399WL16399T0051360399Sealing ring for glass tube8,77 EUR
WELLER - T0051360499 - Felt filter for glass tube, WL16400WL16400T0051360499Felt filter for glass tube6,58 EUR
WEICON - 51303099 - Anti-seize paste, WL16378WL1637851303099Anti-seize paste7,74 EUR
WELLER - T0058711716 - Repair set for VP801, WL27315WL27315T0058711716Repair set for VP80163,78 EUR