JBC is one of the leading manufacturers of soldering technology and rework tools for the electronics industry. The company focuses on high-quality high-end soldering and desoldering stations as well as powerful hot-air units. With JBC's products it is possible to work with lower temperatures than usual, the intelligent heating control ensures increased performance and the ergonomic handpieces fit particularly well in the hand. The stands automatically detect the handpiece and put it in hibernation modus. The huge selection of soldering tips, desoldering tips and nozzles completes the range.

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JBC stands for high-end products that meet the highest quality standards. For each application, JBC can provide the appropriate soldering or desoldering station or hot air equipment. Of course, the choice of handpieces and soldering tips is also huge. Just click yourself in!
If you are already using JBC products, you will of course find the appropriate accessories and spare parts in our webshop. Discover the different areas and if you can't find what you're looking for, please contact us - we're sure we can help you and, if necessary, order the desired product for you.

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