Solder fume extraction unit MG 100S Kit 2, 2 funnels

Article no: WL45153

Mfr. no: 100-1055-ESDN

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  • Extraction unit for use at up to 2 workstations
  • Electronic filter control with alarm function
  • Variable volume flow setting
  • Switchable power supply 100-240 V, for worldwide use in all voltage networks
  • Extra small footprint
  • Optimized filter service life
  • The suction unit MG 100S Kit 2 is delivered with 2 flexible suction arms 1,5 meter and 2 funnel nozzles. To facilitate installation, the MG 100S can be mounted directly on the worktable using a suspension (780-3001-ESD). It is particularly suitable for applications with a high volume of harmful gases. The remote control can be used to set different speeds and the alarm function of the filter, even remotely from the device.
  • Compact filter: particle filter H13, broadband gas filter (50 % activated carbon / 50 % chemisorb)
  • Interface RS232 (Remote Control): 1 x RS232 (TTL)

Product details

item numberWL45153
manufacturer item number100-1055-ESDN
modelMG 130 Kit nozzle
dimensions (LxWxH)460 mm x 210 mm x 610 mm
order unitset
frequency50/60 Hz
power100 W
voltage230 V
vacuum max2300 Pa
noise level52 dBA
volume flow max140 m³/h