Eye wash bottle, against foreign bodies, 500ml, DIN 15 154-4

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Immediate help for your eyes, eye rinsing - professional and highly effective: The eyes are our most important sensory organ. Because over 9% of our perception is visual. Therefore, the eyes deserve special attention - especially when it comes to accidents and first aid. Often every second counts. A chemical burn can quickly cause permanent damage. Therefore, it is very important to have an effective immediate solution that provides help in the event of an accident. Take precautions with a professional eye rinse.
Sterile eye rinsing bottle with common salt solution (sodium chloride) for rinsing out impurities in the eye (dust, dirt, wood and metal splinters, etc.) can be used for everything except silver - also very compatible with acids or alkalis, body neutral Rinsing time: 1 bottle = approx. 5 minutes (depending on the severity of the injury, 15 minutes are recommended, then simply rinse 3 bottles one after the other)
IMPORTANT: Eye rinses are disposable products, discard opened bottles as they are no longer sterile
Eye rinse 3-4 years durable tamper-proof closure: cannot simply be filled with water and resealed after use - highest safety for your employees Bottle with ergonomic rinsing head for a gentle and targeted jet on the eye meets DIN 15154 for eye rinsing bottles
You can find out which eye wash to use for which eye injury in our eye emergency plan.
Click here for the eye emergency plan!

  • Plastic, sterile, with .9% common salt solution (sodium chloride)
  • 3 years durable
  • Flushing time: 1 bottle = approx. 5 minutes
  • for rinsing out foreign bodies such as dirt, dust, chips, wood and metal splinters

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