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Are you looking for products for the electronics industry, for instance soldering equipment, solder, ESD protectiontools or storage solutions for components?

You have found the right shop! Our offer includes a free testing-service that allows you to test your products on-site and under real conditions as well as inspection and repairing services. Weidinger is one of the leading system providers for the electronics industry and supplies you with top products.

Our customers' satisfaction always comes first and we offer tailor-made solutions for every task.
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JBC-BT2BWA Weidinger Edition


JBC-CD-2BQE Kit Weidinger Edition


Latest product innovation - the maXee 3D inspection system


Different Sets for working with ESD sensitive products


Products to remove static electricity


Prevents electrostatic charging


Weidinger fume extraction


Wire, ingots, flux and paste by ELSOLD


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Leading manufacturers

Whether it is a soldering iron or a soldering station - we stock
products of selected manufacturers

When choosing our partners, we act with care and only cooperate with companies that offer high quality products. Our top suppliers in the field of soldering equipment are JBC, WELLER, ERSA, HAKKO and METCAL. We distribute soldering device, soldering tips and solder as well as the corresponding equipment and spare parts. We pride ourselves on solely offering high quality products and on doing so for over 65 years.

The Spanish company JBC is leading in the field of manual soldering and the Weidinger GmbH is one of the best equipped suppliers of JBC tools. WELLER is another company that is well known for its soldering products. Weller manufactures high-precision tools, fume extraction device as well as soldering and desoldering device. ERSA is a specialist for repairing and inspection systems as well as automatic and semi-automatic machinery for selective and wave soldering. HAKKO is famous for its digital soldering stations. One of our partners in the field of tools production is METCAL. Metcal's products are made to fulfil the high standards of the electronics manufacturing industries, they are powerful and reliable.

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A soldering station consists of a soldering iron, a safety rest for the soldering iron and a special power supply unit. For processing SMD components there are hot air stations. Soldering stations have clear advantages towards conventional soldering irons operated by line voltage. Oftentimes, the soldering iron is easier to handle, there is a temperature control and a multitude of soldering tips for different tasks.

Weidinger's webshop - your partner for the manufacturing of electronics

Weidinger's webshop offers a large selection of solder and soldering agents as well as products by leading manufacturers of soldering and desoldering device. We stock a lot of spare parts for the manufacturing of components. When Weidinger was established, our focus was on manufacturing products ourselves. Over the years, we expanded our range by products of well-known manufacturers of soldering and desoldering device.

ESD protection - important products for workplace safety

The prevention and control of electrostatic discharge is essential if working in the field of soldering systems. We stock soldering equipment as well as products for ESD protection. Our range of products offers ESD shoes and ESD clothing as well as products for ESD packaging and ESD equipment for your workplace.

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Weidinger is not just a leading supplier for the electronics manufacturing industries, we see ourselves as a system provider with a 360° service offer.

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