ImageProduct codeModelDescriptionNet price
41-099-0061 - ESD brush, WL32756WL3275641-099-0061ESD brush3,12 EUR
WL3275741-099-0062ESD brush3,43 EUR
WL3275941-099-0063ESD brush3,85 EUR
WL3276041-099-0064ESD brush4,42 EUR
WL3276141-099-0065ESD brush5,31 EUR
WL3276241-099-0066ESD brush6,71 EUR
WL3276341-099-0067ESD brush8,71 EUR
WL3276441-099-0068ESD brush10,59 EUR
WL3276541-099-0072ESD brush2,17 EUR
41-099-0092 - ESD brush, WL32768WL3276841-099-0092ESD brush10,60 EUR
41-099-0093 - ESD brush with handle, WL25997WL2599741-099-0093ESD brush with handle2,35 EUR
WL3276941-099-0094ESD brush with handle3,53 EUR
WL3277041-099-0095ESD brush with handle5,49 EUR
41-099-0075 - ESD brush with handle, WL32771WL3277141-099-0075ESD brush with handle14,57 EUR
WL3277241-099-0096ESD brush with handle7,84 EUR
WL3277341-099-0097ESD brush with handle18,21 EUR
WARMBIER - 6101.S.290 - ESD dustpan 290 x 190 mm, WL30353WL303536101.S.290ESD dustpan 290 x 190 mm19,50 EUR
WARMBIER - 6105.S.290.K - ESD dustpan, 310 x 160 mm, WL43375WL433756105.S.290.KESD dustpan, 310 x 160 mm21,00 EUR
WARMBIER - 6101.K - ESD dustpan set, WL25473WL254736101.KESD dustpan set99,30 EUR
WARMBIER - 6105.400.K - ESD broom with plastic handle, WL43010WL430106105.400.KESD broom with plastic handle134,00 EUR
WEIDINGER - ESD broom, WL34088WL34088ESD broom44,64 EUR
WARMBIER - 6101.500.N - ESD broom, WL26853WL268536101.500.NESD broom136,50 EUR
WARMBIER - 6101.400 - ESD broom, WL21090WL210906101.400ESD broom118,80 EUR
WARMBIER - 6104.Y.4000 - ESD brush with handle, WL25798WL257986104.Y.4000ESD brush with handle17,80 EUR
WARMBIER - 6104.Y.9002 - ESD brush, hard nylon bristles, WL25553WL255536104.Y.9002ESD brush, hard nylon bristles9,80 EUR
WL302576104.Y.9001ESD brush, hard nylon bristles7,60 EUR
WARMBIER - B-101 - ESD flat brush, soft, WL17613WL17613B-101ESD flat brush, soft28,80 EUR
WARMBIER - B-400 - ESD brush with handle, WL17614WL17614B-400ESD brush with handle18,30 EUR
WARMBIER - B-900 - ESD brush, hard, WL17615WL17615B-900ESD brush, hard8,90 EUR
WARMBIER - B-901 - ESD brush, hard, WL17616WL17616B-901ESD brush, hard7,30 EUR
41-099-0076 - ESD table brush with handle, WL26852WL2685241-099-0076ESD table brush with handle49,06 EUR
WARMBIER - 6101.160N - ESD hand brush, 160 mm, WL21091WL210916101.160NESD hand brush, 160 mm33,90 EUR
41-099-0082 - ESD brush, WL31234WL3123441-099-0082ESD brush3,92 EUR
WL3275441-099-0083ESD brush4,40 EUR
WL3275541-099-0084ESD brush5,20 EUR
41-099-6009 - ESD broom, WL30503WL3050341-099-6009ESD broom276,59 EUR