Repair & return service

In order to guarantee a smooth processing of repairs and returns, we kindly ask you to consider the following points.

General procedure for repairs and returns from Germany and Europe:

  • Return goods / repair returns only with completed return receipt. For this purpose, please complete the return form below (in the case of repairs, please specify a contact person for technical queries if necessary) in full.
  • Please pack the goods properly. (undamaged original packaging in master carton) and enclose the signed return slip inside.
  • The goods must be packed in such a way that they are safe for transport.
  • Shipping costs will be borne by the sender.
  • Unfortunately we cannot accept unfree returns.
  • Special productions and explosion-protected articles are in principle excluded from the return.


Special procedure for non-European repairs and returns (e.g. from Switzerland):

  • For non-European returns, the competent authority requires a copy of the invoice as an accompanying document. This document must be freely accessible for customs in a shipping bag together with the goods.
  • As soon as the goods are ready for collection, please reply to the e-mail sent to you and send us the following data:

    a.) Collection address
    b.) Contact person in goods issue and their telephone number
    c.) Number, weight and dimension(s) of the consignment
    d.) Completed return slip and copy of invoice (to be affixed to the packaging, accessible to customs).

  • We will then prepare the collection order.
  • The package will be picked up within 2 working days and labelled by the driver directly on site.
  • After a continuous incoming goods inspection, everything else is arranged as agreed.
  • Naturally the transport costs are taken over with a justified complaint.

Below you will find the corresponding form:

To open PDF files, you need the Adobe Reader, which you can download here.